6 Ways to Know if He is Your Perfect Match

Date:02-05-2013 14:40:15 read:3

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You can be in love with your boyfriend, you can be fond of him, you can be crazy about him, but how would you know if he is your perfect match? Here are a few ways in which you can find out whether he is your soulmate or not.

1. Your boyfriend reads your mind and knows exactly what you think

Does your boyfriend read your mind every time and knows exactly what you think even if you don’t say anything? This means that he knows you inside out and understands you completely. In a relationship, understanding each other is extremely important. So if your boyfriend understands you without your verbal expression, you may have found your perfect match in him.

2. You both complement each other

Couples need not have the same personality to get along well in a relationship. In fact, it is often better for the relationship if the couple has different qualities and personalities. This can help them to complement each other and keep the relationship fulfilling. For example, if you are in indoor person and your boyfriend is an outdoor person, you both will make sure that you get the best of both worlds.

3. You both want the same things in life

No matter how different you and your boyfriend are, you can think of being together for a lifetime only if you both look in the same direction and want the same things in life. You may have found a perfect match in your boyfriend if he has the same goals and ambitions in life as you do. It could be something like having a dream of living in a house of your own or something as big as wanting to travel the whole world.

4. You don’t cling to each other to express your love

If you and your boyfriend need to cling to each other to show love, you may still be floating in the initial phase of love where you need physical and verbal expression all the time. But if you are in a stage of your relationship where you both can handle silences or be away from each other and still love each other to bits, you may have found your perfect match.

5. Your boyfriend stands up for you in front of others

Your boyfriend could be your perfect match if he goes out of his way to stand up for you in front of others. If your boyfriend supports you with all his heart, you can consider him to be your soulmate. Unless your boyfriend is madly in love with you, he wouldn’t risk his own reputation by standing up for you, whether you are right or wrong.

6. You both like each other for what you are

Couples who are made for each other love and accept each other’s plus points along with bad habits. Your perfect match would ideally love you for who are, and vice versa. This includes each others’ weaknesses and shortcomings. If you see this trait in your boyfriend and yourself, you both may have found a perfect match in each others.

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