Top 11 Waist Friendly Foods

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If you are eating healthy food, it does not mean it won’t show on your waist. Healthy food is not the same thing as waist-friendly food. Below is a list a food you can eat without having to worry about it showing on your waist-line.

1. Raspberries

A perfect alternative to grapes, raspberries are high on fiber and act as a catalyst in reducing bad cholesterol.

2. Asparagus

Because it’s low on sugar and high on vitamin C and folate, asparagus is not only healthy but also good for keeping you in shape.

3. Skimmed milk

Skimmed milk is a lot better than full-cream. Semi-skimmed is the next best alternative. Milk is a great source of calcium but is also high on fat. Skimmed milk will supply your body with the required calcium minus the fat.

4. Beans

Whether you go in for red, black or white, beans are a good source of zinc and folate. They are low on calories and are virtually fat-free.

5. Almonds

Out of all the nuts, almonds stand out for their ability to block calories. They are a great source of protein and fiber and should be consumed when faced with hunger pangs.

6. Mushrooms

A small mushroom has about two calories. If you go in for the wild variants you will supply your body with antioxidant ergothioneine, which is great for your skin.

7. Broccoli

Low on calories, broccoli is a great antioxidant. The best thing about broccoli is that it is easy and quick to cook!

8. Carrots

Not only do they taste good, carrots are very high on vitamin A. They are also one of the most waist-friendly food you can find all year round.

9. Cabbage

One shredded cup of cabbage has only about 18 calories. Cabbage is high on nutrition and the interesting thing about cabbage is that it has more vitamin C than oranges!

10. Plums

Miss eating the sweet taste of fruit during your diet? Eat plum. A plum has only about 30 calories, which is almost half of what you would find in a peach or an apricot.

11. Coffee

Do you know the number of calories in black coffee? If you don’t know the answer, you might get a little surprised. Coffee has zero calories and it is great for metabolism and burning fat! What more can you ask for?

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