7 Tips for Affordable Family Vacations

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Going on a vacation with the family is fun. It leaves you with a lot of good times and fond memories. There is however the planning stage and the getting ready to go there part which can at times be trying and fray your nerves a bit, especially if you have little kids with you. The budget of your vacation can also go up sometimes when you have kids as they have their own needs and sometimes want to buy everything they set their eyes on. The best way to have an affordable family vacation is to prepare well in advance taking into consideration all the things you may have to encounter. These tips will help you go on that dream vacation, but on an affordable rate.

1. Infants and little kids sometimes fly free

Depending on the airline you are booking, kids under two and infants travel for free. It means you will have to keep them in your lap, but most of the time you will find them there anyway. Just make sure to check that airline policy before you book. And when you fly at ungodly hours, you will notice that on top of the tickets being cheap there will also be a lot of empty seats.

2. Carry snacks with you

Airports and other tourist destinations are great places where your wallet can empty soon and it would be just for snacking. All the colorful goodies stacked up on airport terminals and shops will sure make your kids hungry. If you stock up on snacks before you fly, and especially their favorite snacks, you can save a lot of money.

3. Do not carry your entire home

When you have kids and are travelling with them for the first time, they tend to carry everything familiar. You too would carry a lot of stuff wanting them to be comfortable. As a result you will be paying exorbitant amounts on extra baggage. Carry a favorite blanket or one toy. Most kids these days are adept at playing with iPods and smart phones, so they can be easily distracted that way.

4. Save while eating out at night

With your bellies full with snacks and tired legs, you would not finish off the entire plate when you order dinner. The same applies for your kids. You can share a plate with your kids and save a lot of money when eating out in a restaurant.

5. If you can drive it, do it

Driving with the entire family is much more fun than flying. So if you can drive to your destination, you should definitely go for it. It is cheaper and you can find some hidden treasures along the way and get more time to bond with the family. Just make sure you don’t make too many pit stops at all those fast food joints.

6. Check for free stuff they can do

There are a lot of places and museums that have interesting activities for kids which are free. You can take your kids there. Not only will they learn and be entertained, your wallet will also breathe free for a while.
Vacations with the family can be affordable and fun. All it needs is a little planning ahead and the will to not succumb to temptation and buy everything you see.

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