11 Ways to Make Your Boss Love You

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No matter how good you are with people, it is not always easy to be in the good books of your boss. We give you some of the ways to change that.

1. Take time to know your boss

Not all bosses are the same. Just as each individual is different than the other, so is the case with the bosses. It is essential that you take some time to observe and understand the kind of person your boss is. What are his/her moral values, what are his/her work ethics, and how he/she likes to conduct himself/herself. This will give you an insight into how you should behave in her/his presence.

2. Always finish your targets on time

No matter what kind of a person your boss is, you will be expected to hit your targets every time. If you are consistent with the quality of your work, then your boss will notice your performance sooner or later. Being good at what you are supposed to do is one of the best ways to impress a boss.

3. Promise what you can deliver

Never make false promises to your boss. If you have given your word on some assignment or some deadline, then stick to it, no matter what. If you once fail to keep your word, then it will reflect badly on you. Also, if for some reason you are simply unable to deliver, then be proactive and let your boss know without waiting for him/her to check on you. Needless to say, don’t make this a habit.

4. Stay disciplined

No matter how informal you are with your boss, do not get carried away. Always come on time and focus on the tasks at hand. Even if you were partying with your boss the night before, make sure you turn up to office in time the next day and finish your targets. In short, do not try to improve your relationship with your boss at the expense of your work.

5. Be honest but not blunt

Most bosses appreciate their employees to be honest with them and speak their mind. Even if your boss is like that, make sure your honesty does not make you sound rude. Always keep in mind that he/she is your senior and be cautious of how you put your comments and suggestions across.

6. Avoid getting into lengthy arguments

Remember that when it comes to your boss, you do not always have to prove your point or tell him/her that you are right. If you feel that some situation is getting out of hand, it is better to put the argument at rest and probably convey your point later in the day, when the atmosphere is more appropriate. If you engage in an argument when your boss is already angry, then it won’t help.

7. Be open to taking responsibilities

Your boss will appreciate if you put your hand up and show eagerness to take up new responsibilities. However, be careful to not get carried away and only take up things that you can manage easily. Also, if your team fails to deliver the output, be open to taking responsibility of this failure and do not start the blame game.

8. Keep a smile on your face

If you always have a stern or serious look on your face, then you may come across as arrogant. Always try to keep a gentle smile on your face so that you come across as someone who is warm, humble, and can be approached with ease.

9. Be open to accepting your mistakes

It is extremely important to accept your mistakes without engaging into long discussions with your boss. Your excuses will only make your boss get angrier. If you know you are at fault, be brave enough to admit it and try not to repeat the mistakes.

10. Value your boss’ time

As your superior, your boss has more responsibilities than you. You must understand that his/her time is extremely valuable. Never be late for a meeting or an appointment and do not bring silly matters to your boss. Submit your reports on time and keep your official conversations and emails brief and to the point.

11. Be a team player

No matter how well-placed you are at a company, you are always expected to work well within a team. Learn people skills and be a good manager. Always keep your ego aside and know how to delegate well. Your boss will truly appreciate if you have the quality to keep a team motivated and in high spirits.

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