4 Reasons Disney Cruises Offer a Perfect Holiday With Kids

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Whenever vacation time is near, kids start to get excited and hope that their parents would take them for a holiday. However, parents start to get a little worried, because they can’t think of any location, which will have entertainment options for kids, as well as adults. This is even more problematic if a family has one child who is very young, and the other one who is a teenager, so their interests and tastes are extremely different. But now this is not a problem anymore. Disney Cruises have made it possible for families with kids to have a wonderful vacation, and experience the fun of a lifetime. There is no need to worry about the specific interests of each of the family members, because at a Disney Cruise, you will find something for everyone!

1. The Locations

The Disney Cruise Line, which is a division of the Walt Disney Company was started in 1995, and has been constantly expanding and improving since then. There are now more home ports than one can think of, ranging from Vancouver and Canada, to Spain and Barcelona, making it easy for you to experience the fun of these cruises from a variety of locations. There are also new ports of call added to the already exciting list, and they include Croatia, Greece, Turkey and Hawaii. More locations are expected to be added soon!

2. The Ships

The Disney Cruise Line offers four exciting ships for you to plan the perfect holiday for your kids – Disney Fantasy, Disney Dream, Disney Wonder and Disney Magic. Disney Fantasy is the last ship added to the cruise line fleet, and has a wonderful design with all kinds of modern amenities and facilities. Disney Magic, a family-friendly ship takes you to destinations in Northern Europe, Mediterranean and Caribbean. Disney Wonder on the other hand operates with ports of call being in Alaska, the Bahamas and Mexican Riviera. And Disney Dream, which was the third ship added to the fleet promises to give pure Disney fun in a ship with a spectacular, evergreen design.

3. The Entertainment Options

The Disney Cruise Line is unique because it gives more entertainment options than one can think of. There are movie screenings, shows and workshops, for kids, teenagers, as well as adults. Unlike other holiday cruises, these ships do not have casinos, but make up for it by giving other wonderful services for adults. During the course of your stay on the ship, you will never feel bored, or experience a lack of options when it comes to entertainment, because there will always be something interesting going on, in some corner of the ship.

4. The Dining and Other Services

Whether you want basic, kid-friendly food, or are looking for fine dining options, the cruise will have it all for you. Apart from that you can enjoy special swimming pools for adults only, or specifically for kids, or exclusively for families. You can also get wonderful Disney merchandise and play wonderful games on-board. Nightclubs and lounges are perfect places for the adults to get their share of fun.

Keep looking out for special offers, packages and itineraries that the cruise line launches from time to time, to get the most out of your holiday experience. Rest assured, your kids will consider this to be one of their best vacations, in the company of their favorite Disney stars!

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