6 Healthy Chicken Recipes

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Chicken is a good source of protein and has a very low fat content when compared to red meat. It is easy to cook, is tasty alone and when added with other ingredients and can be cooked in minutes. A skinless chicken breast is low on fat and can be cooked in a variety of ways and can be incorporated into any cuisine. Here are a few recipes with chicken that is both tasty and healthy.

1. Chicken soup.

The most basic and the easiest to make; chicken soup is good for common cold as it relieves the chest congestion and helps you breathe easy. You can make it very simple by adding some pepper and salt to the broth or make it more tasty and nutritious by adding vegetables and mushrooms to the broth. You can have it even when you are not sick as it is a good source of protein and vitamins.

2. Chicken breasts with Parmesan cheese

A chicken breast, low fat Parmesan and mozzarella cheese , bread crumbs, oregano, pepper and a little salt is all you need to whip up a tasty yet healthy chicken dish that can be made in less than half hour.

3. Chicken noodles

It is a dish which can be made in many ways and with many ingredients. The best and healthiest option is to choose a whole grain noodle and add boiled chicken pieces and vegetables. With less oil and the right amount of spices, this is an easy to cook yet healthy meal for the whole family.

4. Chicken and yogurt

There are many ways to cook chicken with yogurt. You can use plain yogurt to marinate the chicken or add the yogurt after you bake it. Marinating makes the meat tender. If you add it later, it gives the dish a creamy coating and flavor. Add spices to taste.

5. Chicken wraps

Little chicken strips or pieces, cilantro, low fat cream cheese, chilly and a whole wheat tortilla make a wonderful chicken wrap. It is low on calories and pretty high on taste.

6. Chicken salad

A lot of lettuce, chicken cubes, tomatoes, peppers and cheese make a healthy salad. You can whip it up in less than five minutes and can have it any time of the day. Take care about the choice of dressing as they are known to have a lot of calories.

These are some easy to make healthy chicken recipes that everyone can make at home. You don’t have to be a great cook to make these dishes that keep your weight in check and also give you enough nutrients to stay healthy. Chicken is also great if you are planning to buff up. Take it before and after your workout to build mass to your body and with these easy recipes, you can take it in a different manner each day.

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