Cookbook of the week: A Love for Food by Daylesford

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Cookbook of the week: A Love for Food by Daylesford

Daylesford's new book is full of simple, fresh recipe arranged by ingredient

'A Love for Food' contains lively recipes for dinners such as cod with lemon and tomato butter, right 

Hats off to Carole Bamford, who in the 1970s persuaded her husband, her farm manager and several artisanal food producers to follow her into then-unknown territory. The result is Daylesford – an organic farm, farm shop and cookery school in the Cotswolds and a chain of outlets in London. Bamford loves to tell us about her metro-rural empire, and recipes take second place to words (or ‘Notes on…’), but they are simple and arranged by ingredient. Cod with lemon parsley and tomato butter uses sustainable fish.

Cod with lemon, parsley and tomato butter

Serves 4

4 x 160g pieces of cod fillet

3 tbsp olive oil

4 lemons

6 tbsp butter

4 large tomatoes, cored and cubed, or 20 cherry tomatoes, halved

4 tbsp capers

A little flat-leaf parsley, roughly chopped

Heat the oven to 180C/gas mark 4. Season the cod. Heat the oil to smoking point in an oven-proof frying pan over a medium heat and cook the cod, skin-side down, until the skin is golden. Transfer the pan to the oven for 8-10 minutes.

Meanwhile heat a grill or griddle, halve two of the lemons and grill them (cut-side up) or griddle (cut-side down) until charred.

Put the fish on plates and the pan on the hob, add the butter, season, and when it starts to foam, cook the tomatoes for two minutes.

Add the juice of the remaining lemons, the capers and parsley, and spoon over the cod. Serve with the lemon halves.

'A Love for Food' by Daylesford, Fourth Estate, £30

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