Top 5 Shopping Tips For Tourists in Koln, Germany

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Cologne (Koln) is one of those cities in Germany, where you can shop till you drop. One full day there, and you are sure to come back with a huge bag full of clothes, shoes, accessories, books, gifts for others, home décor items and much more. For those who go there for the first time, it is like a shopping paradise, because you practically feel like checking out each and every shop.

1. Choose your place

There are mainly five streets for shopping – Hohestrasse, Schildergasse, Breite Strasse, Engelberstrasse and Ehrenstrasse. All of these streets are structured in like a pedestrian shopping kind of area, and you will love the experience of being there. If you are brand conscious and like to do serious shopping, then Schildergasse is the place for you. And if you are not very brand conscious but like to do a lot of shopping anyway, then Hohestrasse works the best. Walking on both these streets you will realize that you’ll get there pretty much everything, ranging from clothes and accessories, to beauty products, household items and much more. For small designer stores and upcoming brands, you should check out Engelberstrasse. Breite Strasse and Ehrenstrasse mainly have smaller stores with offbeat items, and alternative fashion. These are actually good for college going students.

2. Get the perfect cologne

Of course, the perfect gift that you can get for someone from there is nothing but a good cologne itself. Look out for exclusive boutiques and stores selling cologne, and pick your fragrance as per your taste. 4711 Perfumery and Gift Shop is one store than you can check out.

3. Shop for the best books and clothes

If you need items to help you in traveling better, such as maps and guidebooks, then Gleumes is the store to go to. For books, there is no other store better than Mayersche Buchhandlung, where you will find books of all kinds and genres. If you are lucky, you might also come across some discounted books on sale. For clothes and accessories, you will find a lot of stores such as New Yorker, Miss Sixty, H&M, Kaufhof etc.

4. Keep the working hours in mind

One thing that you must definitely keep in mind is that the market, and the stores in Koln are open only from Mondays – Saturdays, so you won’t be able to shop on a Sunday. Don’t go too late either, because the stores start shutting down around 8 pm.

5. Buy some of the best souvenirs

For those who loved the city, and would like to take mementos and souvenirs, there are a lot of shops offering Koln bags, wallets, t-shirts, fridge magnets and other such souvenirs. It is advisable to shop for such things from the shops on the inside lanes, rather than the outside lanes, because you will find a huge price difference in the same. The shops on the outside are actually most frequented by tourists who visit the Chocolate Factory and the Cathedral, so the shopkeepers can easily charge more. But you’ll find the same items at very cheap rates in the inside shops. It is recommended to take a lot of cash with you, because some stores there do not accept credit cards.

What is wonderful about the shopping place is that you will also find artists selling and displaying their work on street sides. And if you’re lucky, you might actually come across some local musicians playing live on street corners. For those who love food while shopping, there are enough restaurants, street side cafes, and fast food joints to suit your appetite and taste.

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