7 Quick Recipes For Unexpected Guests

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Unexpected guests may not always be a welcome surprise, especially when it comes to cooking. It could be just one person or a family visiting you. You wouldn’t want them to go empty stomach. Let your mind do the thinking and let it be creative so as to offer your guests some delicious food. Since you would not have too much time to invest in cooking, here are some quick recipes for your unexpected guests.

1. A good welcome drink

While you are thinking about what to cook for your guests, offer them a good healthy drink. It could be juice or a mocktail. Take a few oranges and melons and put them in the juicer. Now, add some vanilla ice cream to this juice and blend it well. Pour it in a glass and add one scoop of vanilla ice cream and put half sliced melon to decorate it. This is a healthy option even for the kids. The same can be made using watermelon, only oranges or even litchis, depending on the fruit you have at home.

2. The nutritious sprouts salad

This is easy to make and is very nutritious. If you have some sprouts in your fridge, pull them out. Add small cut onions, tomatoes, olives, boiled corn (if any) and some fresh strawberries. To this mixture, just add some salt, pepper, and half a spoon of olive oil. You could give some salted or spiced nachos and a dip of your choice to go with the sprouts salad. You could also give fresh lemonade with this salad.

3. Soup for all

A hot bowl soup is great before you serve the main course to your guests. Here is a quick soup for all. Take a bowl depending on the number of guests and add V8 juice in it. Add any vegetable that is available with you. It could be carrots, beans, French beans, green peas, mushrooms, olives, and let it boil. You can boil this mixture till you get the correct consistency. Add salt to it. You may also add cream if someone wants. This soup is very quick and can be filling too. This buys you some time to cook a large dinner also.

4. Ravioli Lasagna

This dish is quick and healthy. By the time your guests are having their soup or their welcome drink, you could make this dish. Take a baking dish and grease it with spaghetti sauce and butter. Now use the frozen ravioli and spread it properly in the dish. Make a layer of frozen spinach leaves on the top and shred some mozzarella cheese over it. Add some salsa or tomato ketchup over it. Make one more layer of ravioli, spinach leaves and cheese. Allow it to bake till the cheese melts. Serve it hot.

5. The favorite Grilled Sandwich

Sometimes it is good to go with what is most common, especially if you don’t have much at hand. Take two slices of bread and spread butter on both the sides of each slice. Now cut whatever vegetables you have like carrots, olives, mushrooms, corn, and capsicum, and add mayonnaise to the mixture. Add pepper, oregano, and spread the mixture on one side of the bread and cover it with the other slice. Put it in the sandwich griller and allow it to get crispy. Serve it with soup or just fresh juice.

6. Thai vegetables with rice

It is not as difficult as it seems, especially if you are a rice eater. Half boil long cut carrots, French beans, broccoli, cauliflower, and peas in water and put them in cold water so that the vegetables do not get over cooked. Now in a pan, heat some butter and add thai sauce and sauté the boiled vegetables in it. Just add some salt and parsley to it. Serve it with plain white cooked rice. It is a great option for elderly guests and children.

7. A simple and filling dessert

If you have guests who have had their dinner before coming over, then you can offer them a good dessert. For a simple dessert, cut whatever fruit you have at home into very small and even pieces. You could use watermelon, peaches, litchis, strawberries, kiwis, plums or apples. In a bowl, first keep a thin layer of ice cream and put the cut pieces of fruit in it. Now take a scoop of ice cream and top the fruits with it. Allow it to set and then place a cherry on the top. Your guests will enjoy this simple dessert.

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