5 Reasons Why Las Vegas is Better than Reno

Date:20-10-2013 11:40:21 read:0

A bit of gambling never hurts anyone. Imagine cities built on gambling revenues and the entertainment industry; you have Las Vegas and Reno. Two wonderful cities in their own right, but Las Vegas beats Reno hands down when it comes to comparing these two and here is why.

1. Vegas is humungous

If not anything, Vegas is a huge place, filled with casinos, restaurants, theatres, hotels, shows and much more. It is a mammoth city that was built out of thin air, in this case out in the middle of the desert with the sole aim of entertaining. Reno has a lot of casinos too and some nice places to eat and hang out, but pales in comparison when it comes to size; Reno is a small cool city but nowhere as big as Vegas.

2. Vegas is International

Vegas can be reached from anywhere in the country and also from abroad. There are direct flights to Vegas from domestic and international destinations. Truth be told, not many outside the US would have heard of Reno and the flight connection to Reno leaves much to be desired.

3. Better hotels and restaurants

Since it caters to a cosmopolitan, multinational clientele, Las Vegas has more and much better hotels than Reno. And although Reno has some good places to eat, Las Vegas has the potential to become the gastronomic capital of the country. The number of hotels in Vegas ensures that the prices are competitive and have vacancies throughout the year. They also cater to all kind of budgets.

4. More variety in Vegas

Vegas isn’t just gambling. It has much more to offer in terms of variety and has things that cannot be found in Reno such as the cirque du soleil, musicals, museums and many exhibits that are sure to take your breath away. Even if you are not into gambling, Vegas doesn’t bore you. There are tonnes to keep you on your feet throughout the day and the better part of the night.

5. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

You don’t hear this about Reno. Vegas scores way high over Reno as the top fun destination, be it for a stag party, a vacation or an impromptu wedding. The sin city is also a great place to spot and party with celebrities. There is a certain air of abandon and raucousness that is missing in Reno.
Reno is the place to go when you want to have a little relaxed fun and when your budget is low. Vegas is better because you can have these two and much more there. It caters to people with all kinds of budgets and also lets you set your pace of gambling and partying. You can just walk around Vegas gawking at the gaudy and stunning hotels and have your money’s worth. There is just no comparing Vegas with other gambling cities. It is a into a class of its own.

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