Take this 90-Second Fitness Test!

Date:20-10-2013 15:50:22 read:2

Reap what you row.

Looking to sculpt a V-shaped torso? Rowing speed and lifting strength go hand in hand, according to new research from New Zealand.

Elite rowers who logged the fastest 500-meter times on a rowing machine were also strongest in lifts like the power clean and the supported barbell row.

“Similar to the power clean, rowing power starts in the legs and core and explodes through all the major muscle groups with each stroke,” says Topher Bordeau, varsity rowing coach at Dartmouth College. “And because that heavy motion is repeated as often as 40 times a minute, the metabolic demands of rowing are huge.”

To test your strength and endurance on an indoor rower, try timing yourself as hard as you can for 500 meters. Don’t hold back. If you can finish the test in under 1:30, then you’re Men’s Health fit.

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