Top 6 Things to Do in San Diego

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One of the biggest cities on the pacific coast and in the country, San Diego has a lot to offer for everyone. Its pristine beaches, varied culture, monuments, restaurants and the world famous San Diego Zoo attracts over thirty million visitors each year. As big and exciting it is, San Diego is also safe for the tourists who visit the city. Its proximity to Mexico gives it a unique flavor, be it the language, the people, the culture or the cuisine. San Diego has a year round mild climate making it easier for you to visit it anytime you chose to. There are so many things to do in San Diego, you can stay there for a week, go there on a day trip or for half a day and you would find just the right thing for you.

1. The Beaches

Miles and miles of pristine beaches which are safe and clean and where you can go for a swim, take a stroll, play a game or just sunbathe. Get off the beach and you can eat in many of the restaurants or go shopping. You can also catch a magnificent and beautiful pacific sunset on the beach or head to the La Jolla cove to watch sea lions.

2. Gas Lamp Quarter

The 16 and a half blocks offers you a walk through some of the best restaurants, nightclubs, boutiques, bars and many more unique stores selling one of a kind things. And most of the buildings are turn-of-the-century Victorian architecture, so it is a delight to walk through even if you do not want to spend any money.

3. Farmers Market

This is a place where you have farmer’s market every day of the week. Head to one of the many farmers market to sample some local and fresh produce of the season and buy some of the naturally made products.

4. Public Art Sculptures

A walk down the Embarcadero is a must to anyone visiting San Diego. It boasts of a lot of public art along the coast that is testament to the city’s cultural diversity, its naval history and unique coastal life.

5. San Diego Zoo

It is famous around the world attracting millions of visitors’ every year and is spread over 100 acres, boasting a collection of over 800 rare and endangered animals from all over the world. It also has a large botanical garden that has thousands of trees and plants.

6. La Jolla

It is one of the most popular beach destinations in San Diego. The soft sand and the gentle waves make it ideal for kids; the birch aquarium and the museum of contemporary art are also a close walk or you can try your hand at hand gliding. Finally La Jolla is also one of the finest shopping destinations in San Diego.

San Diego has so many things to offer that you would find a new thing each time you visit the city.

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