7 Tips to Take Care of Your Costume Jewelry

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Fashion jewelry is a fashionable, often cheap fun way of accessorizing. They are made up of all kinds of materials from plastic, to metal, strings, stones, thread, and beads to even paper and cloth. Owing to the different materials used to make fashion jewelry, taking care of it also differs and you need to take as good a care as you would give to your jewelry made of precious metal and stones for it to last longer and look new.

1. Keep them away from dust.

Whatever material it is made up of, it is important that you keep them away from dust. Although you think it can be dusted off, dust leaves scratches behind and it shows especially if the jewelry is made of glass or plastic. Put them in a covered box or a pouch and keep them closed when not in use.

2. Do not spray on perfume after you put your jewelry on

Not only perfume, but make sure you don’t let your costume jewelry out where other chemical substances can fall on them, like on top of a washing machine or in the toilet. They can lose their sheen, color or react badly with the chemicals.

3. Take them off when you go for a swim

Or taking a shower or washing your clothes. Do not wear them in the pool even if you think it goes well with your swim suit. You might ruin the piece and would not be able to wear it the next time.

4. Separate them

It is easier to find and take out when you have different boxes for your costume jewelry. You can either separate them according to the pieces –like earring in a box and necklaces in another or according to the material. Also when you have jewelry made of beads, it is better to hang them instead of bunching them together.

5. Take them off before you change

And put them on after you put your clothes on. This way you can prevent your jewelry from getting entangled in your clothes; the clothes won’t get torn and the jewelry will remain intact too.

6. They are not usually made for everyday use

So if you want to keep them and hold on to them for a long time, use it scarcely and it’s something that you really like, wear it on special occasions. This way you can keep them for longer and there are fewer chances of them getting broken or damaged.

7. Let your jewelry dry before you store them after cleaning

Clean your costume jewelry with a soft smooth cloth or use windex when it is really dirty. After you run it over with water, dry it well before you store it. Water can damage the colors and there are also chances of mold forming on them.

Costume jewelry is a colorful addition to your wardrobe and an affordable way to stay fashionable. It is also important to take good care of them as fashion is always recycled.

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