10 Nutella Recipes You will Love

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Nutella, the very chocolaty chocolate spread that we love to have for breakfast and snacks. A typical way we eat Nutella is to spread it on bread, bun or a cookie, but there are more fun recipes we can do with the Nutella that the entire family from the kids to the adults will love.

1. Make a Nutella milk shake

Add a liberal dose of Nutella to some milk and a scoop of vanilla ice cream, stir it up and you have a tasty cup of Nutella chocolate milk shake.

2. Nutella crepes

Instead of spreading it on a slice of bread you can make your own crepe with a thick Nutella spread. Add some crispy fried nuts to it and the taste will beat that of any crepes you’d have in a restaurant or a bistro.

3. Oatmeal and Nutella

It sure is not healthy as regular oatmeal, but give your taste buds a break and indulge yourself with a oatmeal, milk, Nutella mix. It could either be your breakfast for that sugar induced energy for the day or a dessert.

4. Waffles and pancakes with Nutella

Add a little bit of Nutella when you are pouring out the waffle dough or make a pancake sandwich with Nutella. It makes your breakfast sweet and delicious.

5. Fruits and Nutella

Have kids who don’t like eating fruits? Spread Nutella over apple and orange slices and they would love the mixture of the tangy sweet taste.

6. Raspberry Nutella cake

Keep adding Nutella to every layer of the cake and have a delightful raspberry Nutella cake.

7. Nutella Samosas

Who says that this Middle Eastern dish has to be spicy? Folding them might prove to be a little messy, but biting into it pure heaven.

8. A hot chocolate drink

Run out of your favorite chocolate drink? Don’t despair. Add some Nutella to hot milk and you have your hot chocolate drink.

9. Nutella fruit and ice cream sundae

Sliced fruits, Nutella and your choice of ice cream and voila you have your sundae. A very tasty and interesting creation that is sure to be a hit with everyone.

10. Nutella and Chicken

Not a dish that everyone would take an immediate liking to, but it does appeal to many. A liberal spread of Nutella on roast chicken combines a lot of flavors and this sweet spicy dish will definitely be a shocking treat to your guests and family.

There are so many recipes and food items you can add Nutella to or make with Nutella. All it takes is a creative mind and a few experiments to get it right. Make your boring breakfast or meal fun by adding a little Nutella to it.

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