5 Hot Styles for Curly Hair

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Got those natural curly locks? Feel proud girl! Instead of killing its beauty by ironing it straight, rock your natural curls and try new styles with your gorgeous texture. Well, agreed that curly hair tends to be unfriendly towards styling, as it can be frizzy during humid weather or shabby in the morning. But, the right technique can help you style your curls and make it look smooth, shiny and simply gorgeous. Check out 5 hot styles for curly hair.

1. Try a low bun

Try a low bun if you have curly tresses and make a new style statement altogether. Gather your hair loosely and hold it between your forefinger and thumb at the neck nape. Twist your hair many times, eventually forming it into a bun shape. Use a band for the same. Do the bun loosely so that your curls can be seen. So, overall you will look simply stunning with a low bun!

2. Color it up!

Nothing can look more exquisite than colorful highlights on your curly hair. Highlights are one definite way to make your curls stand out. You can try with blonde highlights to accentuate your curls and looks. Go to an expert stylist to do the curl highlights as poorly done coloring can give the opposite effect. You can try two to three different shades when you get your blonde highlights. Spread it equally and remember to focus the lighter shades towards your face.

3. Accessorize your hair

Accessories can make any hairstyle look beautiful, and curly hair is no exception. From flowers to clip or hair band, anything funky can style your hair. Go for braids or twists into up-dos and add colorful hair accessories to make them look stylish.

4. Opt for a layered cut hairstyle

A layered cut hairstyle can give more volume to your hair and make your curls bounce. Getting a layered haircut done also frames your face perfectly. Remember, curly hair looks stunning only if you get the right haircut. You need to cut or razor in lots of layers and thin it out so that your hair doesn’t look like a huge feather ball.

5. Try polished curls

Tried by many celebrities like Sheryl Crow, Kim Kardashian, polished curls make curly locks look even more beautiful. For achieving that, damp curls using a smoothing cream and blow dry. Use good amount of hair gel and wrap curls around your finger to make them look more polished. After getting your curls done, shake them out and use lightweight hairspray and there you go!

Agree or not, curly hair always makes a style statement if treated properly. So, do not get depressed if you are a curly girl and consider yourself lucky to have it and do not forget to try some stunning curly hairdos.

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