7 Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations In The World

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Honeymoon is the time that a couple take off for themselves after a wedding or some time later to spend some more time together, to relax and bond more. Since it is a special time for a couple, a lot of thought too goes into deciding the ideal place. A honeymoon can be a week long, or can be for a few days or even a month depending on money and the number of vacation days. Just like a wedding, a honeymoon can be different based on the tastes of the couple. It could be a romantic getaway, a spiritual tour or an adventurous honeymoon. Some of the most popular honeymoon destinations of the world are exciting, offer all kinds of things for a newlywed couple and have remained the most preferred destinations for ages.

1. Florida

You can experience the Caribbean magic without having to leave the country, and since it is the sunshine state, you can go there any time of the year and have a great time. It’s best for romantic strolls in some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and makes a great honeymoon destination if beach holidays are your thing.

2. Thailand

A favorable currency exchange means that you can visit this exotic place, taste some great Thai food and indulge in some serious luxury and privacy on your honeymoon. Thailand has scenic views, some great spas and wonderful opportunities for shopping too making it a preferred spot for honeymooners.

3. New Zealand

Remember the magical place from the move ‘The lord of the Rings’? It is New Zealand. As big as Britain and with a fraction of its population, the country offers great natural beauty and lots and lots of isolation and privacy for you to have those special moments.

4. Costa Rica

Pretty close to home, but a country that also gives you an impression of visiting a far off land. It is incredibly beautiful with a lot of pristine beaches and forests and caters to your adventurous spirit as well as offering spots for relaxation and romance.

5. Greece

One of an all-time favorite honeymoon destination, Greece has many historical charms and many fabled islands. It is truly a romantic country and the islands are a sight to behold. Greece never disappoints as the most favored honeymoon destination.

6. Mexico

Cancun, Tulum, Merida and many more beach destinations with their Aztec ruins and charms. This part of Mexico is safe and can make a wonderful honeymoon destination. Experience the Mexican cuisine, indulge in a bit of tequila and mescal and take a dive into many of the cenotes to make your honeymoon truly memorable.

7. Italy

Italy gives most places a run for their money as being one of the best places to honeymoon. Visit some of the world famous piazzas, taste authentic pizzas, go on the much favored gondolas in the waterways of Venice and just soak in the romantic atmosphere the country has to offer.

There are so many beautiful countries around the world that you can honeymoon in. Pick the right one for you and have a great time.

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