8 Reasons to Visit the Grand Canyon

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Miles and miles of canyons and a mighty river running through it makes the grand canyon a must visit for any nature lover or a photographer or the normal tourist or the adventure enthusiast. The Grand Canyon and the rims offer majestic views and completely different views from any angle and any part of the day that a photographer had hundreds if not thousands of shots to take in one single day and the reasons to visit this place? Too many and too good.

1. One of the seven natural wonders

It is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and is also much easily accessible compared to the rest. You can climb or trek through the Grand Canyon or a part of it easily than you can reach the base summit of the Everest and still feel awesome about it.

2. Photographs don’t do enough justice

Even the most breathtaking and the best photographs don’t do enough justice to this place nor do they capture the many delights of this canyon. You have to be there in person and take it in yourself to be completely bowled over.

3. Really old

It is one of the oldest places in the earth. The Colorado River has been carving the canyon for almost six million years and the rocks are over a billion years old. How older can a place get? Isn’t that reason enough to get you going there?

4. It’s not just the canyon

The canyon, as great and grand as it is, also hosts a number of wildlife. Coyotes, mule deer and the great horned owl are some of the animals you can see and hear in the Grand Canyon and be shocked and delighted.

5. Sunrise and Sunset

Get two of nature’s most spectacular displays and show every day at the same place. Both the sunrise and sunset are amazing with brilliant colors. The reds, crimsons, yellows and oranges of the sun and the canyons just blind you with their brilliance.

6. Wildflowers

Brown is not the only predominant color of the canyons. The wildflowers completely change the area when in bloom. The approximately 650 types of wildflowers found in the Grand Canyon National Park carpet the area with their many colors and throughout spring and summer, lots of pretty flowers are in bloom—including yellow ragweed, pink toadflax, red Indian paintbrush and purple Rocky Mountain iris.

7. Waterfalls

Apart from the mighty Colorado River, there are also many small and big falls that can be seen throughout the Grand Canyon. The Ribbon falls and the Huvasu falls are two of the biggest and most popular falls in the region.

8. Helicopter ride

The ride gives you some of the most spectacular views you could possibly see in your lifetime. From the top, hovering hundreds of feet over the canyon and the river you can see millions of years of history and history still in the making as the river and the winds constantly change the shape of the Grand Canyon.

It is just impossible to leave the place unimpressed.

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