7 Reasons To Eat Saturated Fat

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Saturated fat can be found in foods like fatty cuts of meat like mutton and beef, chicken with the skin, fried bacon, eggs with yolk, butter, coconut oil, organic lard, and heavy cream. One of the first casualties in a diet or in a bid towards healthy eating habits is the reduction of saturated fat or a complete removal of foods with saturated fat from our diet. A lot of what is being said and written about saturated fat is that it is bad for your heart and causes you to become bigger around the middle. Contrary to popular belief, it is important to have a healthy dose of saturated food in our diets and here are some reasons as to why we should have saturated fat in optimum levels in our regular diet.

1. Good for cardiovascular health

Lp(a) or lipoprotein increases the risk of heart attacks and since there are no medications currently available to reduce it, dietary means is the only way. A good dose of saturated fat in your diet reduces the amount of lipoprotein. It also raises the level of HDL otherwise known as good cholesterol, which is absolutely necessary for you.

2. Good when you are on a diet

Imagine a diet that has red meat, egg and much more in it. And think of that diet as something that would help you in losing a few pounds. This diet where the total fat is composed largely of saturated fat help you in losing eight faster than a fat free diet.

3. Stronger bones

If you are wondering how eating saturated fat will help you get stronger bones; it has been proved that saturated fat helps in better absorption of calcium into your body. More saturated fat around your middle age would help in stronger bones in old age.

4. Good for your liver

Saturated fat is also good for your liver and helps reduce the ill effects created by effective intake of alcohol and pain medications, especially medication that is prescribed for arthritis. Since liver also plays an important part in controlling your weight, it is important to add more foods with saturated fat.

5. For better lungs

A coating called surfactant in the lungs helps you have better lungs. If you rid your body of essential saturated fat, it interferes with this coating and creates difficulty in breathing.

6. Healthy brain

The human brain is also made of fat and cholesterol and you can guess what would happen when you constantly deprive your brain of the essential saturated fat.

7. Strong immune system

Saturated fats also help in making your immune system strong, making you less susceptible to diseases and other things like common cold and flu. It also makes your body stronger as a whole.

Instead of blaming saturated fats for putting on weight or other inconveniences, it is time you started taking them in proper portions in your diet. As always more than the diet, exercising is important in losing weight.

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