Authentic Italian recipes, inspired by Marcella Hazan

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Authentic Italian recipes, inspired by Marcella Hazan

Marcella Hazan showed the world – and me – the right way to cook Italian food

Buon appetito: Marcella Hazan’s recipes inspired Steve to create apple cake; shellfish soup; and gnocchi alla romana  Photo: AP

The recent death of the great Italian-American food writer Marcella Hazan reminded me that reading her Classic Italian Cookery was when it all started for me. In Marcella’s words, “I don’t cook ‘concepts’. I use my head, but I cook from the heart, I cook for flavour.”

In the United States, where she lived, she was the first voice in English to talk about real Italian cooking. And what a voice it was. Marcella wrote in Italian, which was translated beautifully by her husband, Victor. And she wrote with authority.

For Marcella, there is always a right way and a wrong way, a good way – and a sacrilegious one.

There are recipes in all seven of her books that have become staples in countless homes around the world.

These are the Marcella Hazan recipes that mean the most to me. I hope my versions of her dishes do them justice.

Marcella Hazan-inspired recipes

Gnocchi alla romana with tomato and butter sauce recipe

Italian shellfish soup with white bean and olive crostini recipe

Simple Italian apple cake with raisins and grappa recipe

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