5 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Date:26-10-2013 10:40:39 read:4

Its that time of the year to pick up pumpkins, stock up on candies and bring out our eccentricities and creativity in our costumes. But not all have the time or the money to do elaborate costumes for ourselves and the kids. Some are just plain lazy and just procrastinate doing the costumes until the last minute. Luckily, Halloween is more about being whacky and a little scarily funny and you can come up with a costume with stuff that lies around the house and that you have no use for otherwise. It can become a Do It Yourself project where the whole family can be involved and pitch in their ideas. Here are some last minute costume ideas to make this Halloween truly memorable for you and the whole family.

1. Cacti family

All you need to dress up your family as the ‘cacti family’ is have green jumpsuits and a big bag of straws. Stitch , stick or pin up the straws to the jumpsuits, making sure they stick out. White, yellow or orange colored straws stand out well against the green of the jumpsuit. Don’t despair if you do not have a green jumpsuit, you can even accessorize your sweatshirts, shirts and jogging pants to look like a cactus. As along as it is green, you should be able to get the look.

2. Ladybugs

Have a flowy red dress or a billowy red top? Cut out a few paper circles, or cut out circles from a black cloth and stick them to the red fabric. You can fatten yourself by stuffing your clothes with sponge and other stuff. This gives you an easy and instant ladybug look. You can find the headgear easily in any shop.

3. Bouncer look

Slick back your hair, wear cool shades and a very severe black suit or black pants with anything black on top. Have a constant constipated look on your face and you are a bouncer. Who said bouncers should only be men? Maybe for a day, you can be the cool and sexy lady bouncer and keep out the unwanted men.

4. Pajama look

There is a great thing about the pajama look. You don’t really have to dress up. Change into your pajamas, dishevel your hair a bit, if not already messy, wear your flip flops and you are good to go. When you get back, you can just hit the bed without having to worry about changing out of your ‘costume’.

5. Zombies

The look that has been done to death, but that does not mean you can do the zombie look a at least once in your life. Apply a lot of place makeup to your face, powder it liberally, ad a bit of tomato sauce to your torn clothes and smear lipstick on strategic places on your face and body and you will be transformed into a real ugly zombie. If you have mascara, you can get those scary eyes too… It is a zombie, and you really do not have to look perfect.

Sometimes, costumes that come out of your head at the last minute, turn out to be the best ones. Scavenging for a costume from what you have in your closet can be fun in its own way

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