6 Reasons to Visit Dubai

Date:26-10-2013 11:40:19 read:3

Why not? There are so many reasons on why you should visit Dubai at least once in your life. It is not a travel destination that sells itself on its natural wonders or adventure tourism. There is not much mysticism about the place either. But yet you have to visit the place just for the sheer imagination, creativity and hard work that has gone into building this city out of nothing but miles and miles of desert. Here are a few reasons on why you should visit Dubai.

1. The Burj Khalifa

It is now officially the world’s tallest building and is both an engineering marvel and an architectural wonder. One look at it and you would understand why celebrities and millionaires from all over the world want to buy a flat in the complex.

2. The starkness of the desert.

Apart from the buildings, tall sky scrapers, houses and office spaces, it is just sand and more sand for miles around. It offers an amazing view and also desert excursions which are safe and fun.

3. The market places

You can get everything under the sun in Dubai. It is a favorite destination to buy gold, electronics, spices, clothes, carpets and more.

4. The surprise factor

Knowing where Dubai is located and given the fact that it is a Muslim state, one might expect it to be overly conservative and place restrictions on what can be done. But you are in for a surprise.

5. The glamorous beaches

The beaches of Dubai are clean with pristine waters and can rival the European and Mexican beaches at any time.

6. Shopping

The annual Dubai shopping festival is a must go for any shopping enthusiast. The sheer number of brands and the deals one can get makes it the ultimate shopping experience. Dubai also has the world’s biggest shopping mall.
With so many airlines flying through Dubai, it is really very simple and easy to land there and visit. It is sure to impress you even if you are there for a few days. It has become a favorite destination for expats making it livelier.

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