6 Reasons to Visit Argentina

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Every country in the South American continent is unique with its culture, geography, food and customs and Argentina is no exception. Argentina can easily be mistaken for a European country with its very cosmopolitan capital Buenos Aires, and the mostly white population who are descendants of the Spanish conquerors and the Italian and German settlers. It is a vast land that is sparsely populated and has a long coastline that is dotted with many tourist beaches. It is also famous for its wine industry. There are many reasons to visit Argentina and here are the top few,

1. The Best Stake

Argentina’s main export is beef and some of the world’s best stake is prepared here. You are spoilt for choices in the numerous restaurants that compete with each other to offer the best stake in the world.

2. Tango

The capital Buenos Aires has some very old theatres that still put up some of the world’s best tango performances. The old Jewish quarter is a delight to walk around and catch these shows.

3. Beaches

Argentina has a very long coastline and is filled with beautiful beaches from the north to the south. The beaches are safe to sunbathe and go for a dip. Also keep an eye out for the local fishermen who sell their produce on the beaches.

4. People Watching.

Argentina boasts some of the best looking people in the world. People watching could be a very entertaining past time for any tourist.

5. The land of the Gauchos.

Argentina has huge tracts of land for cattle rearing and this has led to its unique culture of gauchos or Argentinian cowboys. The ranches are some of the world’s biggest and a tour of a ranch can take days and sometimes weeks.

6. The mountains

The mountains of Argentina are snow peaked and offer climbing opportunities for trained climbers and even the novices.

Spanish is widely spoken, but you can get away with speaking English in the big cities. Argentina like any other Latin American country is obsessed with soccer and you can collect plenty of memorabilia and can catch an eventful match when you are in the country.

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