6 Ways to Prevent Split Ends

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When your hair is unhealthy, the first signs that you will see is that it is limp, dry and has a lot of split ends. Split ends not only look bad, but they are also a warning sign that something is really wrong with your hair and it is not being given the proper care and nutrients. The scientific name for split ends is Trichoptilosis and it can be severe to mild, depending on each person. The same hair strand can split multiple times or you can have a vertical split in just one strand. They are pretty unsightly and can give you a lot of trouble when you want to let your hair down. You need to take care of them at the earliest stage and here are a few tips on how to prevent them.

1. Cut your hair regularly

More than cutting, you need to trim your hair regularly, say once every two weeks or so. If the salon proves to be too tiring and too expensive for you, you can do it yourself at home. The more you trim your hair, the lesser there are chances of you developing split ends.

2. Apply oil to the ends of your hair before you go to sleep

Before you go to sleep, tie up your hair into a ponytail or pigtails and apply oil to the ends of your hair. This ensures that your hair is moisturized and is not dry. When your hair is well moisturized and is not dry, there are very less chances of you getting split ends.

3. Always use shears when you are cutting your own hair

Regular scissors are bad for your hair as they tend to create frayed ends. It is wiser to invest in shears if you are going the lengths to get rid of and prevent split ends.

4. Do not rely too much on hair products

They do help in repairing already split hair, but they are no good when it comes to preventing your hair from further splitting. Although they claim to save healthy hair, it remains highly doubtful as to how good they are. At the end, they are chemicals too and you never know how much more damage you are inflicting on your hair.

5. Treat your hair with less chemicals

There are a lot of ways you can get chemicals on your hair. Starting with the shampoo you use every day, to the conditioner, the chemicals you use to straighten your hair or perm it, to the chlorine in the water and the pool, there are so many ways your hair gets assaulted with chemicals. Try to minimize the amount of chemicals you need to put your hair through to prevent splitting of hair.

6. Eat healthy

This is perhaps the best way to prevent split ends in your hair. A healthy diet reflects on your skin and your hair. The healthier you eat, the healthy your hair looks. Make sure your hair gets enough nutrients to prevent split ends.

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