5 Cool Halloween Gift Ideas

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Gifts are welcome any time of the year. A truly good gift makes you and the receiver happy. And what better time to give a truly memorable gift than Halloween. There is something about Halloween that makes it more exciting than the other holidays- It is either the spooky nature, the general air of creativity or jolly, or just the camederie found in the Halloween parades. If you really want to impress your teen, or your fun loving partner, then this is your chance to pick a really cool gift. If you can make it yourself and put in your personal touch, it will make the gift all the more special. Just take a little care to know what they would really like, before you go about spending your time and money on the gift.

1. Halloween costumes

If your teen or spouse has a favorite character, then set about buying that costume or building it yourself. If you are close to your teen, then you can just gift him or her the basics of the costume and you both can sit together stitching it. This will also turn out to be a great gift for you as you will get to spend some valuable quality time with your teen. You can do the same with your spouse or get him the best costume available on the market.

2. Cakes

There are a lot of really scary looking cakes being sold around this time of the year. If you want to make it truly special, then you can bake your own cake. Add a lot of dark colors like red and black to make it gel with the Halloween theme. If you are making cupcakes, then you have loads of little canvasses to work on. You can carry these cakes as gifts to the party you are invited to or a family dinner.

3. Cookies

Halloween themed cookies can be a great option for party gifts. Bake a lot and wrap them up in little packets, so your guests can carry the spirit of the party to their homes. You need a little patience to find out the perfect moulds and also to bake them.

4. Necklaces or charm bracelets for teens

All you need is a sting or a black satin ribbon and a few trinkets. You can make your own Halloween necklace or a charm bracelet. Imagine the delight of the teen when he or she opens the gift and sees that you have made the exact thing that you constantly ask them not to wear. This will be a truly treasured gift.

5. DVD’s and comics

No matter how old, everyone likes a good scary movie. If you can get a whole series of the scariest movie, or a comic with bloody, gory pictures, it will make a great gift for Halloween.
Custom made gifts
You can order them to your choice or make it yourself. It could be as simple as a box, that when opened brings out a springed skeleton head or a hand look alike. Or you can just make it messy that when someone opens it they will have paints squirted all over them.

The choice of gifts are endless. You just need to pick the right gift or make a really cool one to impress your teen or your adult friends.

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