6 Halloween Party Games for Kids

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A party will be a real boring affair for a kid if there are no games involved. You can either leave the kids to their own devices or let them come up with different games or you can plan different games to keep them occupied throughout the party. However it is a difficult task to organize games for kids as they get really bored after a while. To stop them from getting bored quickly, make sure you have lot of games planned and each one in interesting and different. Also the games should involve a lot of running in the beginning so their energy levels will be depleted and they will be ready to sleep when it is late.

1. Treasure hunt

This is a classic Halloween game. Make it more interesting by having some real difficult clues and placing the treasures all over the place. You can also time the treasure hunt so there is a lot of running involved. It would be a delight to hear their excited squeals when they find their treasures.

2. Food game

Give them marshmallows, cakes, cookies pastries and lots of colors and sauces and make a game where the kids would come up with the scariest food arrangement. This can be a real dirty game and you will end up with a lot of cleaning to do, but it will be an interesting game for the kids and they will surely love it.

3. Story games

Kids can have a vivid imagination. And when it comes to ghost stories, you will be surprised at how scary and how truly original their stories can get. There will be screams and cowering under the bed or sofa involved, but as long as it is not too scary for the young ones, you can let them play this game.

4. Dumb charades

It will be so cute to see kids trying to act out the name of a movie. It is also not a difficult game as most kids these days will surely know a lot more about movies than adults.

5. Costume games

Give them a piece of cloth, some glue and glitter and other odds and ends and make them come up with their own costumes. Just make sure that there aren’t any scissors in sight as they can get hurt. Also have some prizes at the need for the best costume designed.

6. Hide and seek

Again a normal game, but you can dress up the kids with Halloween costumes to give them the added excitement. Just make the atmosphere a little scary. Do not make it too scary for they will start crying and will not go play in any other games later.

There are a few things to keep in mind though when organizing games for kids. Always make sure that there is adult supervision. DO not leave them alone with any heavy or dangerous objects. If you feel that one or two kids are getting scared, gently stop the game and divert the attention of the kids. And lastly always have prizes at the end of each game. The prizes should be for everyone. DO not make it competitive. It
should be more about them having fun.

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