4 Surprising Causes of Stress

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Stress is a very bad thing. Stress causes illnesses, bad behavior and can make you a very unhealthy person if you do not keep it on check. Stress can also kill as studies show that millions of young people either die due to stress or take their own lives because they cannot handle the stress in their lives. We all live with so much stress in our lives that we really lose count of the things that can cause us much stress. There are always the usual culprits that cause us stress like problems in the family, the workplace but there are also other causes that are surprising to us but cause enough stress that they need to be seriously taken into consideration. Stress can kill so it is important that we know the reasons that cause us stress and try to avoid them. We may not even know that thee things are stressing us out before it all piles up and lands heavily on us. Here are some surprising causes of stress.

1. Traffic jams

Traffic jams have become such a regular thing in our lives that we resign ourselves to our fate and live with it on a daily basis. But the fact is that traffic jams are a major cause of stress. You stress about having to wait for a long time, stress about wasting gas and stress about not being able to control the traffic and finally you are stressed about the fact that you will be late for work because of the traffic pile up. We do not notice it much, but the fact is that it is very hard to relax when you are sitting behind the wheel in a traffic jam.

2. Honking

If sitting idly in a traffic jam without knowing when you can move and having to inhale the fumes or crawling along in inches Is not enough to stress you out, you will also have to do with impatient drivers who honk for no reason. Honking causes you stress even if you are not in a traffic jam. Insistent honking when you are doing great speeds by the driver behind you can cause you so much stress that you end up making rash decisions or even end up causing an accident. High decibel levels always cause you much stress.

3. Unpaid bills

Unpaid bills and maxed out credit cards can also give you many sleepless nights. When you have not paid your bills on time and they keep piling up, it causes you much stress that you cannot really think of anything else. You will constantly obsess over it and cannot think of relaxing until you have brought it under control.

4. Not making enough money like your colleagues

Even if you do not show it out, you will be stressed out knowing that your colleagues get paid so much more than you even if you two do the same work. Sometimes you will also not be able to talk this out at the workplace making it all the more awful and unbearable. Looking for another job might be a solution to your stress.

Sometimes even the most innocuous things might be causing you stress. Your partner’s habits, voice and even the choice of music can cause you grief. Look out for the warning signs before it is too late.

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