9 Christmas Gift Ideas for Older Sister

Date:05-12-2013 11:40:20 read:1

Your sister was your first best friend. She will continue to be a soul mate for years to come. You have shared your secrets, crushes, objectives, dreams, happiness and sadness with her. She has been your confidante and guided you every time. It is only but important you get your older sister a Christmas gift that is truly priceless. Check out some Christmas gift ideas for older sister.

1. Music

Music has the ability to lift spirits and heal the soul. If your older sister has a list of favorite tracks or bands she is crazy about, get her those. She is simply going to love them and also treasure them for the rest of her life.

2. Books

If music heals the soul, books are food for the soul. Gifting books is an age old practice and one that can never go out of scope even in the age of internet. Getting books of your sister’s favorite authors is the best Christmas gift you can give her.

3. Movie passes

Who doesn’t like a good movie? If there is a movie releasing this time of the year and your sister is wanting to see it, it is a good idea to get her movie passes. You could join her or she can go out with her friends and enjoy the day to the fullest.

4. Winter wear

Christmas is that time of the year when it snows. Pretty snowflakes are pleasing and when you have something warmer, enjoying even the coldest of winters may be possible. A stole, cardigan or scarf can be a great idea. They are thoughtful and will also make your sister look even more fashionable.

5. Ugg boots

The right kind of ugg boots does not just keep you warm but also highlight your sense of fashion. When combined with the right kind of clothes, a pair of ugg boots is exceptional. However, making the right choice should be done with care since it is possible to go easily wrong while making a selection.

6. Photo gifts

Most times, money is not a huge criterion when it comes to buying a Christmas gift for your sister. Priceless gifts are often the ones that are tied with strings of love. There is bound to be a picture of the two of you. A quirky one or one with a lot of humor packed will make a great choice. Buy a photo frame that really communicates your love or better still make one and together, that will be one keepsake your sister is going to treasure.

7. Spa gifts

Every woman loves to be pampered. Don’t think that spa gifts are going to be expensive. The best thing is that you can buy service(s) depending upon your budget. Put them together in a hamper and let your sister indulge in a bit of luxury this Christmas.

8. Chocolates

Women and chocolates are almost inseparable. Some warm gooey chocolate or something even a little spicy that goes with your sister’s palate makes an ideal choice. Gifting a big box of heavenly chocolates or a large hamper simply means Christmas has come in a basket.

9. Espresso machine

Everyone likes coffee. An elegant, sleek and contemporary espresso machine can be your sister’s kitchen companion this Christmas if you have saved up for it. You could pick up one that fits your budget and she is going to think of you fondly every time she walks into the kitchen or sips coffee.

Think of some unique yet personalized Christmas gift ideas for your older sister and watch her smile get even wider.

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