6 Tips to Make Your Child Believe in Santa Claus

Date:05-12-2013 11:40:35 read:2

More and more children these days are abandoning their belief in Santa Claus at a very young age and many parents don’t encourage them to believe in Santa in the right way either. Here are a few ways in which you can make your child believe in Santa Claus and keep the magic of Christmas alive.

1. Narrate your own childhood Santa experience

If you see your children’s belief in Santa faltering, start narrating your own Santa experiences from childhood. Tell your kids how you received the best gifts of your life on Christmas from Santa. Talk about how you wished for something with a true heart and it was fulfilled. Narrate instances of having fun while making a decorative sock for Santa and singing carols to invite Santa to come to your house. All these things will inspire your own children to believe in Santa more than ever before.

2. Tell your children Santa Claus stories

One of the quickest ways you can make your children affirm their belief in Santa Claus is by telling them make-believe stories. Make up a story about how Santa arrives on his reindeer in a magical way when all the kids in town are sleeping or how Santa changes the life of one poor child every year. Create fictional characters in your story so that your children find it believable.

3. Build up the atmosphere

On Christmas eve, put all your effort into creating an atmosphere full of anticipation and suspense for Santa to arrive. Ask your kids to be quiet so that they don’t miss hearing Santa’s footsteps. Get them to ready Santa’s milk and cookies and set them on a lovely plate. Get your children to sprinkle reindeer food in your garden as way to get Santa to come to your home first. Put on Christmas music telling your kids that Santa can actually hear all of this.

4. Leave evidence of Santa

Since a large part of making your kids believe in Santa is all made up, you will have to ensure that it remains made up until the very end. If your kids have written a letter to Santa, leave a reply in different handwriting in your mailbox. Empty the glass of milk and the plate of cookies to show your kids that Santa actually came. You can also go one step ahead and leave a few boot marks on the floor of your house and tell your kids that they are Santa’s footsteps.

5. Get your family members to narrate their Santa experiences

Sometimes your kids may begin doubting your make believe stories about Santa. If you think that this is the case, get your friends and family members to narrate their Santa experiences to your kids so that they sound more real. When your kids hear it from other people’s mouths, they may realize that you are not bluffing.

6. Don’t give yourself away

Your kids may be listening to you or eavesdropping on you in a way that you don’t even realize. As Christmas time approaches, be sure that you never casually discuss your gift giving plans in front of your kids. Don’t leave gift invoices or any other traces which may make your kids doubt the mythical figure of Santa Claus.

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