World’s 5 Most Unusual Hotels

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When we travel we stay in hotels and the hotels kind of become our second homes for the few days that we stay there. Sometimes the hotels are so good that they become a tourist attraction by themselves and you would be tempted to stay in the hotel and not venture out. If you are not really worried about the budget or are adventurous you should definitely try some of the most unusual hotels that can be found in many different countries. You will just need a quirky sense of humor in some hotels, in some you will need a lot of endurance and in some you just need to have a lot of money to splash on. All said and done these most unusual hotels are bound to give you the experience of a lifetime and you can proudly join the few who have already stayed there. Here is a list of some of the world’s most unusual hotels.

1. The salt hotel in salar de Uyuni in Bolivia

The setting is very lunar and out of the world. To get to this hotel, you need to travel hundreds of kilometers in a salt desert. And that’s not the only thing that makes it unusual. The whole hotel is made of salt. It lacks some of the basic amenities you would expect out of a normal hotel, but this is due to ecological concerns. This hotel will leave you with the most memorable memories. You have to be really fit to take on the trip and the stay in the hotel as weather conditions can get really adverse.

2. Costa Verde in Quepos, Costa Rica

Another unusual hotel from the South American continent, this place boasts of a real airplane. The hotel is built around a real Boeing, so you will actually feel like you are flying when you are in some places. Since it is in the middle of a forest, you will also be transported into a make believe ‘lost’ world with a plane wreck to boot. It sure will give you a unique stay and make your holiday truly exciting.

3. V8 Hotel, Böblingen, Germany

Maybe because it is in Germany, this hotel is built around cars. All the rooms have cars as their theme. Another addition to staying in this hotel is that you can actually see a restoration of a classic car in progress anytime of the year you choose to go. It is also close to many of the car factories and you can get a glimpse of the German efficiency here.

4. Neemrana fort, Delhi

This hotel will satisfy your dreams of staying in a palace. This was a restoration project done successfully and is a fairy tale come true. The fact that this was an original palace just adds to its charm. This is also a great site for weddings and other grand functions.

5. Sala Silvermine, central Sweden

If you ever fancied sleeping in a mine and are not claustrophobic, then this is the place for you. You get to sleep 155m underground and are also taken on tours to see the vast lakes and the many caverns. This is truly an unusual hotel and is bound to leave you speechless.

There are so many more unusual hotels around the world. All it takes to get there is a little bit of research and a sizable wallet. But it does give you an amazing experience of a lifetime.

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