7 Crazy Ways to Surprise Him

Date:05-12-2013 15:40:21 read:6

Do you want to bring back the spice in your relationship? Do you want the romance in your relationship to come back like old times? What you need to do is break the monotony by thinking of crazy ways to surprise your boyfriend and catch him unawares. Here are a few ways you can do so.

1. Get a tattoo of your boyfriend’s initials

If you really want to take your surprise to the next level, go to a tattoo parlor and get your boyfriend’s initials tattooed on a visible place in your body. When he comes back from office, show him your brand new accomplishment and blow him out of his mind. This will give him a surprise because he would never expect you to go and get a tattoo, that too bearing his initials.

2. Make a photo collage of your pictures

It is not necessarily that men are receptive to only romance which is physical. Even they like love which is sweet and pampering once in a while. Surprise your boyfriend one fine day by creating a digital collage of your pictures together. You can also get them printed in the form of a calendar which he can place on his office or home desk for everyone to see.

3. Plan a night out for him and his mates

Your boyfriend may be delighted to know that you have planned a night out for him and his mates as a surprise. Men love their alone time with their gang of friends. Most men are known to complain that they aren’t able to spend enough time with their friends after they get into relationships. So grab this chance to win his heart.

4. Sacrifice your purchase and get him what he wants

If you are married, use this tip to throw a crazy surprise for your husband. Have you always wanted to buy an all-in-one coffeemaker while your husband wants to purchase a new lawn mower? Clashes and differences in purchasing big ticket items are common among married couples. Give him a surprise by letting go of your wish and secretly buying him what he wants.

5. Do his favorite things for a day

Going out for brunch, vegging out in front of the TV, drinking beer in the evening, walking the dog, playing golf and watching a movie at night – if this is what your boyfriend’s ideal day looks like, make sure you get these things done for him. Surprise him by initiating all his favorite things and make him happy.

6. Book the most expensive hotels in town for one night

It is highly unlikely for anyone to live in a hotel in the same city in which they have a home. But it is this element which can create a crazy surprise. Defy all logic and book the most expensive hotel in town for one night to surprise your boyfriend. Make sure that you have the most romantic time of your life so that the tariff for one night become worth it.

7. Tuck a love note in between his work presentation

Tucking love notes and messages in places like your boyfriend’s office drawer, shirt pocket or wallet may be playing it too safe if you want to give him a crazy surprise. If you have the guts and if you think that your boyfriend and his colleagues will take your surprise in the right spirit, tuck a slide reading I Love You in between his presentation. Grab hold of his presentation file from his computer and tamper with it last minute so that he doesn’t realize what you have in store for him.

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