5 Cute Hairstyles

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That small mop of hair on the top of your head causes you much trouble at times. As you grow, you constantly change hairstyles to keep up with the changing contours of your face and your age. Your hairstyle also changes according to the fashion and what the society dictates. There are a lot of hairstyles that are around and new hairstyles keep cropping up every day. You are always at a loss to decide on one hairstyle that will make you look good and will also not bore you. Changing hairstyles like many say is not an expression of low self-esteem about your looks, but is a sign that you are willing to experiment and that you are bold to do different things without worrying about what others would think of you. If you are someone who believes in changing your hairstyle often then here are a few cure hairstyles that you can try.

1. The pixie cut

This cut has been made famous by many celebrities and although it takes some time for the others to get used to your new look, a pixie cut is one of the cutest hairstyles to have. It is also easy to maintain your hair when you have a pixie cut and you can save a lot on grooming and styling it.

2. The boy cut

You do not really look masculine in it even if the name has boy in it. It looks cute on almost everyone and it is one of those few hairstyles that let you get out of bed and walk out without having to worry about your hair. It is almost a no maintenance haircut and also looks super cute when it is done really well.

3. The bob

This is so classy and brings back the 60’s fashion. A bob to look cute must have a fringe in the front and should be either touching your ears or be a little above it. When it is below the ears it no longer can be called a bob. It is also very cute and gives your face an innocent charm.

4. Spikes short hair

Men, teenage boys and bikers have long had it as their style. On them it looks ok, but when you try it out on you, it is sure to look different and cute. You do not have to really worry about how old you are to have this haircut. It does call for some maintenance as you have to maintain those spikes through the day, especially if you have really soft hair.

5. Wild curls

Even though a lot of people try to straighten out their curls, wild unruly curls are always cute and have even survived the onslaught of straight hair for many decades. Keep it at a normal length so that they do not get tangled. It is cute, but it is also high maintenance as you will have to oil it, wash it, shampoo it and condition it on a regular basis so you don’t end up with dread locks.

Any hairstyle can look cute on you. Even if it doesn’t suit the shape of your face, you just need to know how to carry it off.

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