50 Things to Do With Your Family This Christmas Season

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Christmas is a wonderful time and spending it with family makes it all the more delightful. There are so many things you can do as a family. It is all about being a family and staying together that makes Christmas the most awaited holiday of the year. Here is a list of things you can do with your family this Christmas season.

1. You can bake Christmas cookies or candy as a family.
This could be delivered to friends and family.
2. Board games or cards are great holiday things to be done together.
It brings your family closer in ways you cannot imagine.
3. Get a complicated puzzle and do it together.
The more complicated the puzzle, the longer you will spend time together.
4. Go with your family for Christmas Caroling.
And make sure you visit the local nursing homes.
5. Visit old friends with your family
And tell them how much you have enjoyed having them in your life and how your family too is delighted to have them in their lives.
6. Have a family sleepover party.
Camp out on the family room floor together and say goodbye to your respective rooms for a day.
7. Build a snowman together.
And take turns giving him a name.
8. You can have a lengthy Christmas movie marathon.
And add both old and new movies to your list so everyone can enjoy it.
9. Take your family to visit a shut in.
Both your family and they will enjoy the company.
10. You can go ice skating.
What better time to go ice skating than Christmas time?

11. Go for a drive on Christmas night
And gawk at the lights and the decorations
12. Attend a Christmas service with the family.
It is a heartwarming tradition.
13. Enlist your family to make homemade Christmas ornaments.
You can take turns hanging them on the tree.
14. Make a family video to mail to far away friends and family.
Create your own Christmas movie and delight your loved ones who live faraway.
15. Hang out in the kitchen
And Spend some time together just talking and laughing.
16. Make a playlist and listen to Christmas music.
You can do this as you decorate the tree or bake.
17. Prepare apple cider or eggnog.
Christmas is never complete without these two.
18. Take a senior citizen or your grandparent or parent out.
Take them to lunch or invite them to your home for dinner.
19. Get involved with some free community events.
Become a part of the community by becoming a part of community events.
20. Read aloud the Christmas story to your family.
This also brings the family together.

21. Try to adopt a needy family.
You can share your Christmas with them.
22. Sit as a family and start early by making new year resolutions
You will be more accountable this way as everyone knows what you plan to do.
23. Turn into a kid and play some video games
You will finally know what it is all about.
24. Take this time to announce to your family how much they mean to you.
Make it over the top or real subtle.
25. Go on the internet or buy books and learn how countries and cultures celebrate Christmas.
Each member of the family can pick a country to know more.
26. You can prepare some delicious hot chocolate.
Nothing is more comforting as a drink than some hot chocolate with the family.
27. Give each other responsibilities
And decorate your home together for the Christmas season.
28. Pack as a family the leftover food
And take it to the local pantry or homeless shelter.
29. Be creative and funny
You can string some popcorn together and hang it on your Christmas tree.
30. Take this time to start a Christmas journal with the family.
Each member can add to it.

31. Take your family to see the Christmas play.
It could be in your church or in the local community center.
32. Make Christmas crafts together
You can make a basket and fill it up with Christmas goodies.
33. You can be a part of the Christmas parade.
Or take your family to watch one.
34. The Christmas tree can be decorated as a family
Each one can hang their favorite ornament on the tree.
35. Show your family the joy of giving by
Taking cookies or pastries to the police station, fire house and ambulance shed.
36. Have your kids pick out their old toys
And donate it to needy kids
37. You can go snow sledding.
And you do not have to be in the poles to do it.
38. Build a gingerbread house.
It takes a lot of work and you need all the hands in the family.
39. Go visit as many Santa’s as possible.
It could be a fun outing not only for the kids, but for you as well.
40. Get the family picture taken
And turn it into a holiday postcard you can send to friends and family.

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