8 Reasons Why Christmas Season is the Best Season

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There are so many reasons why Christmas is the best season of the year. No matter how you celebrate Christmas, there is a sense of joy that envelops you around this time of the year. You look forward to celebrating Christmas with a lot of anticipation. There are so many things to so and so many gifts to buy and receive. Also people are generally happy around this time of the year. Here are some more reasons as to why Christmas season is the best season.

1. It is a holiday season

If you take out the religious context of Christmas and look at it as a holiday then you will notice that Christmas is more a culmination of months of celebrations. You start with Halloween, go to Thanksgiving, then the advent and the finally end up with Christmas.

2. It is vacation time

Christmas season also means kids get a lot of vacation time and do not have to worry much about their homework and other school duties. This is a time when they can be free and actually enjoy the outdoors and the festive season.

3. Season of gifts

Christmas is also a season of gifts. You are either buying gifts or receiving them and this brings a lot of joy to a lot of people.

4. It is a season for family get together

Most families get together for Christmas and have an annual Christmas dinner. The bigger the family, the merrier the get together is.

5. It is a season of love and cheer

It is a season that actively promotes cheer in people. It is difficult to see a glum face for long as there is always something about the Christmas season that makes one happy. It can be the decorations, the unsolicited charity of strangers or even the lights that cheer up anyone who is not so happy.

6. Christmas cards

Of all the seasons and occasions, the cards are no more festive and great looking than they are for Christmas. It is just so much fun to receive and send cards on Christmas day,

7. The Christmas parades

The floats and parades are also something to look forward to every Christmas season. Especially the Macy’s parade every year is a delight to watch.

8. The lights and decorations

Come Christmas and the streets are lighted up and almost all houses are decorated with colorful tress and other stuff. The decorations and the lights bring more light and cheer to the otherwise gloomy weather this time of the year.

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