6 Winter Hair Care Tips

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Winter can be a bad time for your skin as well as you hair with the dry cold weather on the outside and the overheated circulated air inside. More care has to be taken of your hair in the winter months than in the summer months. Your hair tends to get more brittle and fall out a lot more easily during this time of the year than any other time. Here are some tips that you can follow to take care of your hair during the winter.

1. Moisturize your hair

It is very important that you moisturize your hair. The heating system will make your hair extremely dry and make it dry very fast, Dry hair becomes brittle and breaks easily. So moisturize you hair well by using a cream or oil.

2. Do not leave it wet when you go out

If you do not have enough time to use a dryer, at least towel the water off your hair. Wet hair takes a longer time to dry in the winter months. Not only can you fall sick, but you will also lose a lot more hair when the hair is wet and you try to comb it.

3. Cover up your hair

Cover your hair with a scarf or a cap when you are going out. If you are going out in the snow, wear a ski cap or something that will cover your hair completely. Snow can really damage your hair.

4. Leave oil in your hair over night

Apply a few drops of oil to your scalp before you go to sleep every night. This will keep the roots of your hair healthy and also the scalp moisturize so you don’t scratch too much. When the roots re moisturized they hair is also healthy.

5. Do not use too much shampoo during winter

Shampoo makes your hair dry and takes away its essential oils. Since the hair is going to be dry anyways during the winter, try using less shampoo to keep your hair healthy.

6. Change your hair care routine

Us like you would change your skin care routine every month, change the way you would care for your hair during the winter months.

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