5 Tips to Make Christmas Gift Baskets

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Christmas celebration is one perfect time to share gifts. So, if you are still wondering what to gift your dear ones this Christmas, go for gift baskets. Though gift baskets are available for sale, there is a special thrill and fun in making hampers on your own. One benefit of making baskets is that you can customize the basket and its contents depending on the recipients. From candies to calendars, incense to bubble bath, cakes to crayons, potpourri to soaps anything can go in your Christmas basket. So, if you want to try your hand at making baskets, here are 5 tips that can be of help.

1. Select a theme

Just get creative and choose a theme of your choice before you make the Christmas basket. Once you decide on a theme, get stuff according to it. From chocolates to movies, cosmetics to flavored stuffs, winter specials to Christmas cakes, bath set to kids set the list for themes is endless. If you know the likes of the recipients, then things become easy for you. As far as the basket goes, you can choose any container that fits the purpose. It can be anything from a canvas bag, watering can, plastic container, storage box, bowls to pots.

2. Use different fillers

Generally, the bottom of the baskets is filled with either tissue papers or Easter grass that act as fillers. It actually does not look nice, especially when it is a gift. So, you can use candies, cookies, gift certificate cards or crackers as fillers and cover it with a paper at the bottom for additional surprise. If required, alert the recipient that there is a hidden surprise at the bottom of the basket.

3. Add Christmas specific items

Even though you might have a theme for the basket, since the occasion is Christmas, do not forget to add some Christmas specific items in it. Stuff candy canes, tea lights, candles, greenery, cakes, pine cones, red-ribbon cinnamon sticks, holly, cedar and a few Christmas ornaments such as baubles, balls, glitter, trims and the like in the basket.

4. Gift wrap your baskets

After the stuffing is done, you need to cover the basket using a gift wrap. The purpose of a gift wrap is to hide the stuffs inside the basket. After the gift wrap has been done, tie a ribbon around the whole basket or add a bow on top. You can also stick a Christmas card along.

5. Take precaution while packing

If you are planning to ship the basket, then take extra precaution while packing. It is better to avoid anything that is susceptible to breakage, if you are shipping the basket. Also, ensure that the items will not fall out of the basket during transit. Firmly wrap the basket with cellophane and use packing material to keep the items inside intact.

So, this Xmas, make your own Christmas gift baskets and surprise your dear ones. They will love you for the special gift.

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