5 Ways to Make Christmas Memorable for Your Children

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Your children, no matter how old they are or how much they pretend to be mature will always be kids to you and whatever you do is bound to leave an impression on them. They look at you, look up to you and also catch on to most of the things that you do. Since you have such a hold over them either consciously or without any plans, you can use it to create a truly memorable Christmas for your children. To make it truly memorable, remember that it has to be different and full of meaningful rather than a gift fest where there are inundated with gifts that carry no special significance. Here are some ways in which you can make Christmas truly memorable for your kids.

1. Create a Christmas calendar

You can create a special Christmas calendar for the month of December and fill it up with special Christmas tasks and chores that need to be done. Involve them in any Christmas activity that you are doing so that you create anticipation in them for Christmas.

2. Take them to church on Christmas

If you are a family that does not go to church as a family, then take them to church for the Christmas. Make it a truly family holiday by sticking to each other the whole day where each of you sacrifice your alone time and do things together as a family, be it cooking, eating, shopping or just watching TV.

3. Take them to a different country

Take them to see Christmas in a country that is completely different from yours. You can take them to Brazil for instance, where Christmas is celebrated in a much more colourful and religious way than in the states.

4. Take them to a shelter

Spend Christmas day visiting shelters that dot your neighbourhood. Encourage your children to donate the things that they can and you can also set an example by donating the things that you do not use or even buy new things to give people in the shelters. You can also spend the day volunteering at the soup kitchen.

5. Get in a snow ball fight with them

Sometimes it is the small things in life that can create the best of the memories. Get into a snow ball fight with them and play till each of you are exhausted. They might enjoy the time spent with you more than the gifts you had got them.

You never know what can make your kid happy. Make this Christmas memorable by doing some very special things with them. Children should also know about the true meaning of Christmas. You can do this by setting an example yourself or by reading out from the bible or playing Christmas songs and other movies throughout the season. Also encourage them to do something that is truly selfless on Christmas day. When they come up with their own plan and make themselves and others happy in the process, the Christmas would then become truly memorable for them.

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