5 Ways Nuts Help Your Family Remain Healthier

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Nuts are the crunchy delights that we can snack on or add to your food or drinks. They are small, handy, and tasty and are also healthy. Even if small, they come packed with so many nutrients that many dieticians and health professionals prefer nuts and prescribe a regular dose in your diet to help you stay healthier. Nuts can be eaten by almost any member of your family and you can add them to your cereals, to your main dish and you can pile loads of them in your dessert too. The other advantage is that you can eat them raw and they taste great that way too. Eating raw nuts are also the best way to get the nutrition in them and it also is fewer calories filled when not salted or fried. Here are some ways in which nuts help your family.

1. Nuts come packed with protein

Nuts can actually become a protein substitute for a few days in a week. If you do not want to eat genetically modified chicken and eggs and still want your protein fix, you can add a liberal dose of nuts to your diet. Just remember not to overdo it, as everything is good only as long as it is in moderation. Proteins help in muscle building and strengthening and it is good for all members of your family.

2. Nuts also have a lot of fiber

Nuts are also fiber rich. When you eat nuts you feel full pretty quick and this is because of the fiber content in the nuts. Since you feel full with less, you would also not want to eat more of others and can keep your weight in check. The fiber is also good for digestion, so it is a healthy snack for you and also your kids. It is also a great food for old people as it complements their dietary needs.

3. They are a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids

Along with fish, nuts are the other food items that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are known to help to get a great looking skin; It is good for the heart and overall keeps your skin glowing and healthy. Nuts are also a good source of vitamins and minerals and a small quantity is enough to satisfy your dietary needs.

4. Helps prevent diseases

When eaten raw, nuts are relatively low in calories when compared to other foods. Nuts, especially almonds have more calcium making them a great food for overall health. IN addition they are a great source of fiber and vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps fight dangerous inflammation. They help fight lung cancer and also age related cognitive conditions.

5. Good for your brain

Most nuts are good for your brain and help prevent cognitive decline in old age. Although peanuts are legumes, they are generally referred to as nuts and they contain folate, which is especially good for your brain health.

Nuts help every member of your family remain healthy and it can be made part of your daily diet as a snack or as an addition to your foods.

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