5 Advantages of Eating Organic Foods

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Buying and eating organic food has become the new fad and like the vegan food, it is marketed as something that is healthy for you and environmentally safe as it is grown without using any chemical fertilizers or genetically modified seeds. It is expensive and cannot be found in all the usual places we shop for our food. More and more people are turning to buying organic food- fruits, vegetables and meat for health reasons and also because they would like to support a cause that does not damage the environment. As the number of people who buy organic food increases, the prices too would come down, as this growing, yet small industry cannot yet compete with the big corporations. And eating organic food has its own advantages too. Here are some advantages of going organic.

1. You cut down on your ingestion of harmful chemicals

Organic fruits and vegetables are grown without sing any chemical fertilizers and are grown as naturally as possible. Since there are no fertilizers involved, your chances of ingesting the harmful chemicals from your food also decrease. The chemicals can be really harmful and a heavy dose over years can seriously affect your body. When you eat organic food, you know that you are safe and the food that you put into your mouth is also safe to be eaten.

2. There are no growth hormones in the meat

Organic meat too should be the choice of food, as the animals that are grown the organic way are not injected with growth hormones or steroids to grow faster or to become bigger. When we eat animals which have been injected with these, we take it in through them and that causes a lot of changes in our body too, whereas with organic food, we needn’t worry about hormones or steroids.

3. Environmentally friendly

It is not only that harmful pesticides and fertilizers are not used, but organic farming also takes care that the soil does not get depleted too much. Care is given to the soil in which the fruits and vegetables are grown too, giving it enough time to get back to normal before another batch can be cultivated. Letting the soil breathe is also an important part of organic farming. They also reduce the pollution levels of ground water since there are no pesticides used.

4. Organic food has more nutritional value

When plants grow naturally without human intervention to kill off weeds and bugs, they are strong and produce more phytochemicals (vitamins and antioxidants). This makes them more nutritious too. Pesticides are also linked to causing headaches, nausea, cancer, birth defects and many other health issues.

5. They are not irradiated

Fruits and vegetables are irradiated to make them stay longer. This alters the molecular structure of the food and eventually your molecular structure. Even though organic foods spoil faster, it is safer to eat non irradiated food than go for something that is irradiated to stay fresh longer. Again it is also better and safer to eat food when it is fresh and stays fresh naturally.

Strawberries, lettuce, meat, poultry and cabbage are some of the food that should be grown organically and taste much better and are way more healthy, safe and nutritious.

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