4 Best Holiday Drinks for the Season

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Christmas- A time to celebrate, a time to love, a time to spend with the family, a time to eat, drink, feast and a time to feel happy and comfortable surrounded by people you love. To a certain extent, the fun aspect of Christmas also has to do with the weather. Since it is cold, we would like some warmth, both physically and emotionally and we tend to gather around people. This is also a time when we can make the best of drinks so we can relax. There are certain drinks that go with certain holidays and certain time of the year and here are some of the best drinks we can have for this holiday.

1. Spiced tea

Called as the masala chai in India and some other countries, this drink is plain tea infused with spices such as star anise, cinnamon, passion fruit and honey. This is a warm and exotic drink and perfect for the season.

2. Apple and cranberry sparklers

A liberal dose of apple cider and cranberry juice with a little twist of citrusy taste makes this the perfect seasonal drink for the holiday. Since this is non-alcoholic it can be served to anyone and that makes this one of the best drinks for the holiday.

3. Pineapple and mint refresher

This one sounds like a summer drink, but this actually makes sense during the holiday season too as this adds a difference to the otherwise gloomy weather. You can add a dash of vodka to this drink if you do not want it to be non-alcoholic.

4. Hot chocolate

You can either make this with dark chocolate or white chocolate, however you make it, this is a drink that is sure to warm you up and bring back memories of childhood.

5. Vodka with cranberry juice

It is a very simple drink. But the color remains truly festive, going with the seasonal colors, red being the predominant of them all.

6. Eggnog

This is a must drink for the season and the holiday somehow seems incomplete without having at least a mug of eggnog.

The best holiday drinks don’t necessarily have to be alcoholic. Some of the best drinks can be the ones that we have been having since we were kids and that take us to our comfort zone.

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