4 Disadvantages of Eating Organic Foods

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As much as it is good to eat organic food and stay natural and healthy, going the organic way has some disadvantages too. It is quite difficult to choose from the wide variety of food items and coming up with one specific food can be a huge task in a super market. Since it is a growing industry and has to deal with a lot of rules and regulations from the food industry, stock is always at a minimum and they get over quickly. Since they also spoil much faster than the regular food, it also takes more work to refrigerate them and if not sold quickly there can be a lot of wastage.Here are some disadvantages of trying to switch over to the organic food diet.

1. The organic food market is small and niche

Although it is a growing industry, the organic food market is still small and is very niche. Not everyone can afford to buy organic food and unless you visit some exclusive food fair, you will not be able to find everything that is organic. It is niche in the sense that the customer base would be made of wither young people who are health and environment conscious or middle aged people who can afford to spend some more money on food. In other words organic food is food that only people with money to spare can afford to indulge in.

2. Organic food is expensive

A said previously, organic food is way more expensive than the regular food that is produced and sold in the market. Some organic food can even cost three times more than the regular food as it takes a lot of time to grow it. It is also expensive because unlike the regular food industry, organic food growers do not cultivate in thousands of hectares and the farms are small and manageable by a few people. Most organic farms are family owned, so the productivity is less.

3. You cannot find it everywhere

Organic food is not available in all the stores. Some big stores do store it, but you will have to look for the labels and they are usually stocked in some corner and is quite difficult to find. And since it is all about growing seasonal food, you might not be able to find the fruit of your choice throughout the year.

4. Organic foods spoil faster

When you buy organic food, you need to eat it as soon as you get it as they tend to spoil much faster than the genetically modified, irradiated food.

Organic farms are also not as profitable as the regular farms as they have to compete with the big corporations and overhead costs are a little higher. This might change if more people choose to buy organic food, but that is not certain and we will never know if organic food will ever become truly affordable. The industry may decide to retain its niche status and still be expensive when more people turn towards it and the corporations might take over them again.

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