Ten ways to spice up your Christmas lunch

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Ten ways to spice up your Christmas lunch

Heston Blumenthal has admitted he uses chicken instead of turkey to liven up his Christmas Day lunch. Here we give you 10 ideas to spice up your festive meal.

Heston Blumenthal is following pine sugar mince pies and orange in the middle Christmas puds with a new box of chocolates  Photo: ANDREW CROWLEY

Roast Potatoes:

– Jamie Oliver says: add olive oil, garlic and red wine vinegar OR butter, clementine zest and fresh sage.

Whichever you choose, use Maris Piper potatoes and squash each one with a potato masher to increase the surface area. The more of the potato in contact with the pan, the crispier it will be. Choose one of the two flavours and pour over a tray of potatoes.

– Heston Blumenthal recommends: use beef dripping to give potatoes their best flavour.

They will take between 45 minutes and an hour and a half to cook.


– Nigella says: Add orange, cinnamon sticks and a range of spices.

Add black peppercorns, garni, a cinnamon stick, allspice berries, mustard seeds, root ginger, runny honey, maple syrup, caraway seeds, cloves, onions, parsley, sugar, caraway seeds and anise to a large pot of cooking water and submerge the turkey for a day or two before cooking. See here for more detail.

– Delia Smith recommends: Make your turkey into a roulade.

Use turkey escalopes, which have been flattened and rolled round pork, sage and onion stuffing. Wrap a rasher of bacon around the roulades and put in the oven to cook for 35-40 minutes. For the full recipe see here.

Christmas vegetables:

– Jamie Oliver advises: Add cheese to your peas.

Toss the peas back in the pan after boiling, add some olive oil, as well as some of the reserved cooking water and sprinkle Parmesan until every pea is covered in melted cheese. A small squeeze of lemon is also recommended.

– Heston Blumenthal says: Make chips out of parsnips.

Cut the parsnips into long strips, drop into a small pan of oil about 5-6cm deep. After around a minute, when parsnips are golden and crisp, remove using a slotted spoon and drain. See here for a full recipe.

Cranberry sauce:

– Jamie Oliver says: Add apple to the traditional pot of cranberry sauce.

Put bramley apples, caster sugar, cinnamon and cranberries in a pan and wait until the cranberries have burst and the apple has softened.

– Heston Blumenthal advises: Use vodka and orange.

Put the cranberries in a pan, add fruit sugar and the orange zest and juice. Follow with vodka and stir to combine. See here for full recipe.

Christmas nibbles/ drinks:

Antonio Carluccio says: Use hazelnuts covered in caramel as a festive Christmas nibble.

Roast pre-shelled hazelnuts in an oven and add to a pan with strips of lemon and orange rind, caster sugar and honey. Once the nuts are coated in caramel, lay on rice paper to cool and cut into 2 x 3cm pieces. See here for a more detailed recipe.

Jamie Oliver suggests: Add pomegranate to champagne or prosecco.

Cut the fruits in half, take the seeds out, and put through a food processor to get the juice. Add around 5cm to a Champagne flute. For Jamie's Christmas recipes see here.

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