Ultimate Christmas roast dinner recipes - with a twist

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Ultimate Christmas roast dinner recipes - with a twist

A great Christmas feast is guaranteed with Stevie Parle’s festive menu

Helping hand: Stevie Parle shares his Christmas recipes Photo: Andrew Crowley

If you’re designated cook on Christmas day, assume dictatorial powers. Accept no requests for items not on your menu, and accede only to genuine allergies or committed vegetarianism. This doesn’t mean you can’t delegate and bribe: “You wouldn’t want any presents getting confiscated would you? Peel these potatoes then.”

Do make a few tweaks to jazz up the meal, and follow Xanthe’s timeline for a few short cuts; much of the hard work can be done before Christmas Eve, and definitely before December 25, which is when I start getting to work.

Here I’ve made devils on horseback into a salad, gently spiced the turkey, roasted the potatoes with lemon and fried the brussels sprouts to a deep golden brown.

There's also spicy turkey stuffing, and an alternative to Christmas pudding, an easy-peasy Hokey Pokey Chocolate Cake - not everyone likes Christmas pudding, after all.

Use Xanthe Clay's foolproof Christmas dinner planner to help cook this menu

Stevie Parle's Christmas dinner menu

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