Paul A. Young on the best eateries for chocolate lovers

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Paul A. Young on the best eateries for chocolate lovers

Master chocolatier and patissier Paul A. Young on the best restaurants for those with a sweet tooth

Indulgent: chocolates from York's Chocolate Story in York, a great day out for the family 

Foxlow, London

This restaurant serves food that is pure and natural as well as some really innovative cocktails. Carla, the head pastry chef, really understands chocolate desserts and knows they have to be quite full-on to work. Try the amazing “Peanutella” – a challenge for even the most hardened chocolate lover.

York’s Chocolate Story, York

At this great museum you can learn all about the history of chocolate, before heading to the café and shop for the most amazing chocolate brownies, desserts and cakes. It’s a great day out for families who love all things chocolate – a lot of fun and completely indulgent.

Café de la paix, Paris

Oscar Wilde used to eat at this stunning restaurant overlooking the Opéra national de Paris. It has fantastic seafood and shellfish, but best of all are the Opéra desserts, made by head pastry chef Dominique Costa. They’re the finest around, with perfect layers of chocolate.

The Ivy, London

The chocolate desserts here are made with the best-quality ingredients and change quite often, so if you go a few times you’ll get to try everything from chocolate tarts to the very special Cru Virunga chocolate and hazelnut bombe. It’s a sphere of chocolate hiding praline ice cream and toasted hazelnuts. It comes with a hot chocolate sauce that melts everything as you pour it over.

Bistro 21, Durham

Run by Terry Laybourne, this is a friendly, bistro-style restaurant with great desserts that are always incredibly clean and unfussy. The highlight is their chocolate pudding – very rich and very soft, with lots of cherries. I’m a Northerner and love hearty puddings; this one can’t be beaten!

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Paul was speaking to Rachel Moss

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