4 Secret Santa Game Ideas

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Secret Santa is a fun game that’s played around Christmas time by a lot of people. It is a game that can be played in your school, at home when you throw a party or when you have a family gathering and even at work. The whole fun aspect of the game is the secrecy that is involved and the high that you get when your recipient actually guesses that it is you who had given the gift just by looking at the gift. You too will have a great time guessing as to whom it is that would have given you such a gift. Here are some secret Santa game ideas that you could use this Christmas.

1. Get some kinky gifts

If all the members playing the game are adults and are close to you and you are sure that the gifts wont offend them in any way, you can make the game racier and more dirtier by making a rule that all the gifts that are to be given must be bought in a sex shop. It would make the game a lot more fun when you see the embarrassed or shocked faces when each one gets to open his or her gift.

2. Roll a dice and get as many gifts as is rolled in the dice

Roll a dice when you are playing the game and every person get as many gifts as the number he or she rolls in the dice. To do this, you will have to work out the number of gifts each has to buy. At the end of the game, you can even distribute the gifts that have not been taken by anyone. This way the anonymity of the giver will be a secret forever. Although if you must, you can even make it known.

3. Make them pay for every wrong guess

Since the game involves guessing who has given the gift, you can make the people pay a few dollars for each wrong guesses that they make. The more people playing the game, the more the money will be collected. The money can be used for charity or you can take the party out to a pub or a fancy restaurant.

4. Don’t give an assigned recipient to every one

You can do away with the step of writing everyone’s names and giving each player an assigned recipient. You can just make everyone bring in gifts for the same amount of money and then the guessing game can begin.

There are so many permutations and combinations that you could do to make the secret Santa game more interesting and fun. You can customize this game depending on the number of players, their age group and the place where you are playing the game. The same gifts and the same rules would not apply in a workplace and a family setting, so make sure you consider the participants in the game before you come up with outrageous ideas to play the secret Santa game this Christmas.

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