7 Foods to Eat If You are Planning to Run a Marathon

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Running is a strenuous exercise and you have to be in good physical condition if you are planning on running or taking part in a marathon. Training for a marathon is completely different from the regular exercise you do and the running you may do every day. Not only is the training different, but the muscles you would be using to run a marathon is also different. The important thing about running a marathon is that you have to start training at least a month before you run a marathon. A lot more days would be ideal, but if you are pressed for time, you need to take a month at least to train. Training does not involve your exercises alone, you also need to eat right and well to prepare yourself to run a marathon. Here are foods that you need to eat if you are planning to run a marathon.

1. Carbohydrates, but do not go on an overload

You will need a lot of energy to sustain yourself during the marathon, so you will have to eat a lot of carbohydrates before you start running the marathon. However, make sure you do not go on a carb filled diet as it is important that your diet needs to be balanced to help you run the long distance.

2. Easily digestible meal before the run

Before you go running in the marathon, make sure you eat a light, but carb and protein filled meal. You need to keep it light to help you sleep better and also not give you any stomach problems on the day of the run.

3. Drink adequate water

Do not try to hydrate yourself too much before the run as you will be forced to go to the bathroom more often than you run. Drink enough water that would keep you hydrated throughout the marathon as a lot of people collapse due to dehydration.

4. Have your usual breakfast

On the day of the marathon, eat your usual breakfast and do not try and bring in new food that may hurt your health or your stomach. You can have cereal, milk, fruit and porridge and yogurt too.

5. A little bit of fat in your diet in proportion to your carbohydrate intake

You should and can add a bit of fat to your regular diet, as you would be burning a lot of calories as you train for the marathon and as you run on the day of the marathon. Fat in your food is good around this time.

6. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables not only bring in the nutrients needed by your body but also give your body the needed fiber and the water content.

7. Proteins

Proteins are also essential in your food if you are planning to run a marathon as proteins help build muscle and you would definitely need that to run.

Do not go overboard with the carbs and do not change your diet dramatically before a marathon. Eat a balanced diet that is in proportion to your exercise.

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