7 Signs You are Falling Out of Favor With Your Boss

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A boss is that person who deals with an employee according to his will. Everything might be just fine and one morning he comes and makes your life hell. You are perfect when it comes to work and responsibilities but the boss feels the need to correct you again and again. Here a few signs which indicate that you are no longer in your boss’s good books.

1. You are not given client introductions

You were working very well on a project but suddenly the boss gives the charge to someone else. He no longer introduces you to the new clients as he used to earlier.

2. You are not party to decision making

Your boss for no valid reason stops asking for your opinions and advice on important matters concerning clients, projects and the company. You are not informed about meetings and discussions. This is a sign that you are falling out of favor.

3. You have a bleak chance of promotion

Your boss had promised you a raise and promotion but suddenly he/she just refrains from talking about the subject. Even when you bring up the topic he changes it or dismisses it.

4. You have been forgotten

Your boss always spares some time to talk and chat with his/her favorite employees but he/she doesn’t even bother listening to you about important matters. He/she either reschedules or cancels the meeting with you or at times even forgets about them.

5. Your suggestions are not accepted and appreciated

If during a board meeting or an important creative discussion your boss tags your idea as rubbish without listening to it in detail or rather doesn’t give you a chance to put forward your point at all, then something is wrong.

6. You have been placed in the zero value category

If your boss gives you negative feedback, you can work on the flaws but if your boss stops giving you any feedback, positive or negative then he probably doesn’t even go through your work. He thinks you are of no value and that is not a good sign.

7. You are assigned unimportant and insignificant tasks

If all of sudden your boss starts assigning work to you which you know holds not much importance then it is a sign you are falling out favor with him.

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