7 Reasons We make New Year Resolutions and Break Them

Date:25-12-2013 11:40:21 read:5

If it takes a second to make New Year resolutions, it takes half a second to break them. Here are a few reasons which will give you insight into why people break their New Year resolutions as quickly as they make them.

1. They are too generic

Like most other resolutions taken on anniversaries and birthdays, New Year resolutions too are very generic. Losing weight, taking less stress, learning a new language or spending more time with family are just words on a paper, not resolutions. These can become resolutions only when they are converted into goals by making them specific. For example, not having more than 2 fights with your husband in a week, learning Spanish in eight months or spending every last weekend of the month with family.

2. They are taken for granted

New Year resolutions tend to be taken for granted for the most part. They are treated as rituals to be completed at the end of every year during the festive season. Most people don’t treat New Year resolutions seriously because of which breaking them too doesn’t become much of a big deal. One of the common reasons why most people make resolutions and break them easily is because they don’t put enough seriousness into it in the first place.

3. They are a fad

New Year resolutions have always been in vogue and everybody loves making them. People like discussing the resolutions they take each year and it becomes a popular subject for dinner table conversation. Since many people take New Year resolutions just because it is the cool thing to do, they never put in effort to see them through.

4. There are no repercussions in breaking them

A task is likely to get done more efficiently when there are repercussions attached to it. But very few people are serious enough to attach repercussions to their New Year resolutions. Once there are no negative effects associated with resolutions, people are likely to have no reason to keep them.

5. People make over ambitious and incorrect resolutions

Most people become over zealous while making New Year resolutions because there is a feel good factor for the ego associated to it. When people take these resolutions, they don’t think practically or logically. They don’t analyze the resolution by thinking whether they will be able to live up to it or not. As a result, many people make incorrect resolutions.

6. People get carried away

The festive season of Christmas and New Year’s is a magical time when everyone is in high spirits. People are happy and it doesn’t take them much to make resolutions they can’t keep. One of the reasons why people make New Year resolutions and break them easily is because they get carried away.

7. People get bored of them quickly

Even if you are in the right mind to make a serious New Year resolution and keep up with it, you may be not necessarily be successful. This is because you may get bored of your resolution very quickly. It is a big deal to stick with a single resolution and maintain it throughout one whole year.

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