5 Fun Ways to Get Others into the Christmas Spirit

Date:25-12-2013 11:40:29 read:2

Christmas is more fun when you celebrate it with others, especially with your loved ones, family and friends. But not everyone wants to celebrate Christmas. They might have their own reasons. Some may be sad because they may not have anyone to spend Christmas with and some people just wouldn’t know what to do around Christmas especially when they have started to live alone or are separated. But no one should be spending Christmas alone and there are so many fun ways in which you can get others into the Christmas spirit.

1. Have a baking day

Choose one day and make it the official baking day. You can cook different cookies and pastries and different types of cakes. Food has this magical ability to bring people out of any misery and baking delicious and lovely looking goodies would also be a fun way to get others into the Christmas spirit.

2. Play the secret Santa game

This is another fun way to get people into the Christmas spirit. Playing the secret Santa game a week or a few weeks before Christmas can really get people into the Christmas mode as they go around shopping for gifts to give to their chosen one. The more fun the game is the easier it is to get them into the Christmas spirit.

3. Take them out for carol singing

You can take the others to carol singing. Usually carol singing is so boisterous and it is all about spreading the Christmas spirit. Meeting new people and also singing along with a gang of people would definitely get anyone into the Christmas spirit. Even the shyest ones would be happy to take part in it.

4. Take them to Church

You can take them to Church. Beginning a few weeks before Christmas Churches always organize sermons and services related to Christmas. It is not only the religious experience one would get attracted to in a church during Christmas but the feeling of oneness and joy.

5. Throw a Christmas party

Throw a Christmas themed party and invite your friends who do not want to spend Christmas. Spending time with like-minded people and having fun can be a good initiation into the Christmas season.

The best thing about Christmas is to share your joy with others. It is not only about sharing gifts but also love and your time. Church can be fun too and taking them to do fun activities related to Christmas will make anyone want to spend Christmas.

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