5 Korean Foods You Must Try Once

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If you are a foodie and have not tried Korean food yet, then you are surely missing out on something really delicious and exciting. Korean food is full of variety in its stews, soups, side dishes, spices, desserts, and main course dishes. Not only that, Korean food is highly nutritious. The only condition is that you need to just love meat and be open to experimenting with your taste-buds. Here are some Korean foods you must try once.

1. The variety of stews

Stews are an important part of Korean cuisine. These stews are not only delicious but are filling and nutritious. The special ‘hangover’ stew as its name suggests, is just what you need after a bad hangover. It is made from beef broth, beans, cabbage, and lot of ox blood. It helps your brain to function well in the morning. ‘Sundubu-jjigae’ or the soft tofu stew is made with eggs in it. It tastes great and is healthy too. The ‘Kimchi stew’ is also made with chunks of tuna or pork, cellophane noodles, vegetables, and beans. Another interesting stew is the ‘Army stew’ the preparation of which dates back to the war times. A lovely preparation of noodles, vegetables, sausages, and American cheese is good to try.

2. The variety of noodles

‘Jjajangmyeon’ is a delicious Korean noodle dish. These noodles are much thicker in comparison to the original Chinese noodles and special spices are added to make the dish look almost black in color. ‘Jjambbong’ is also a classic noodle dish with more spices in it and is not as thick as the former dish. These noodles have soup in them. Chilli oil is used a lot in both these noodle dishes and you will find a lot of vegetables in them.

3. The variety of Pork dishes

‘Japchae’ is a pork dish meant especially for gatherings or festivals. It is a good combination of pork, vegetables, and noodles in soya sauce. ‘Japchaebap’ is the same as the Japchae pork dish but it comes with rice. ‘Dubukimchi’ is another fine pork dish where pork is stir fried and mixed with tofu and sautéed kimchi. This dish goes well with alcohol.

4. The variety of Chicken dishes

‘Chimaek’ with beer is a favorite dish of the Koreans. The chicken is made using Korean spices and goes well with beer. ‘Samgyetang’ is another chicken dish but is actually a thick spicy soup with stuffed chicken in it. It is a hot soup eaten during summers in Korea as it is believed to fight the outside heat.

5. The variety of desserts

‘Bingsu’ is a summer dessert and it has beans and tteok that are served on ice. There is a great variety in flavors of bingsu. Sometimes ice-cream and fresh fruits are used instead of beans and tteok. It is one of the best desserts in the Korean cuisine.

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