5 Indoor Games to Play With Family on a Snow Day

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When it snows too heavily or when you had spent a few hours out on the snow and come home, you and the whole family will begin to feel restless and fell bored after a while. On such days it is great to play a few games that would involve the whole family. Not only will this keep everyone occupied, but this is also an awesome way to bond with the rest of the family. When cooped up indoors for long hours, every member of the family will be forced to spend time with one another whether they like it or not. And when you play some interesting games, they might even begin to enjoy all this time spent together. Here are some indoor games to play with your family on a snow day.

1. Puzzle

Get hold of a bid and a really difficult puzzle and you can try as a family to put it together. Each member of the family can take up a corner or a piece or you can form teams and divide the puzzle into equal pieces or halves and see which team comes first in solving their part of the puzzle. The ones who finish first can show off and try and help the rest of the family to put theirs together quickly. A real good puzzle can take hours to finish.

2. Monopoly

This is a game that can be played by people of all ages. It is not just for the kids. When you play this game with the kids, it will not only be enjoyable and memorable but will also give you a chance to teach them on the basics of money, savings and spending. This is another game that can keep you occupied for hours if not days.

3. Chess

Game that can either get over in a matter of minutes or can go on for hours and days depending on the skill of the players involved. If the rest of your family is as skilled as you, then two can play the game while the rest can watch and advice on the moves that should be made.

4. Forts with blankets

This works when you have small kids in the house. Do not try this with teenagers as they might think you are a little off your head. Make small tents and forts around the house with sheets and blankets and guard your respective forts. Pillows and other stuff can be used as weapons for protection. You can make this game more interest when you make tunnels through the living room to the bedrooms.

5. Roast marshmallows in the fireplace swapping stories

This is not so much a game, but you can make it one by having a contest as to who gets to say the grossest or the most interesting story. This could also be the time when the scariest stories come out.

Use your imagination and you can come up with different versions of the same game to keep your family occupied in a snow day.

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